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Driveway Alarms: Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Driveway Alarms: Wireless Driveway Alarm System
With people becoming more and more security conscious, a whole range of home security products have become the need of the day. In this article, we focus on wireless driveway alarm systems, an important home security device...
Roy D'Silva
Smart home automation: engaging house alarm security system
Driveway alarms form an important part of home security. While home surveillance cameras are a good security measure, driveway alarms are an excellent precaution against unwarranted entry into homes. Driveway alarms are sensor based machines which can detect any motion on their sensor path. They will then activate a signal. They are used to alert home owners of any trespassers or intruders into the drive way. These alarms are a one-time investment, and do not have any recurring costs. Therefore, they are a very good idea as regards home security.
In addition to alerting you about unwarranted entry to your house, driveway alarms will also warn you when someone approaches the house. Many times we tend to miss people coming to the house as we are unaware or caught up in other things. A driveway alarm will sound a tone when someone approaches, and keep you informed that there is someone at your gate.
Types of Driveway Alarms
There are various types of driveway alarms, though they all serve the same function. The alarms are basically made up of a transmitter and a receiver. When the driveway alarm is triggered, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, and rings off the sound alarm, alerting the household members. Some famous types are as follows:
  1. Wired Alarms
  2. Metal Detection Alarms
  3. Infrared Driveway Alarms
  4. Wireless Alarms
Though all the four types serve their purpose efficiently, today we are going to take a closer look at wireless alarms.
Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems
Wired driveway alarms are fairly difficult to install and may have a higher maintenance costs than others. Wireless driveway systems are the most used. Most alarms either work on batteries or have battery backup, so that the home is secure even during a power failure. Driveway alarms have a range of about four hundred feet. Not only are these alarms a good security measure, they are also an excellent safety measure.
Wireless alarm systems can be installed almost anywhere and everywhere, along the door, display cabinets, and even house paths and passages. Simply put, though these are known as 'driveway alarms', these motion sensor alarms can be used to monitor the motion in almost any part of the house. Here are some of the best wireless driveway alarms you can use to secure to property.
1. Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert System, CWA2000
  • Half Mile Transmitting Range
  • Light and Sound Indicators
  • Can Feature up to 4 Sensors
  • 30 Feet Motion Sensing Range
  • Can be Used Outdoors and Indoors
2. Driveway Alarm Set, Rodann, RX/TX-2000A
  • 1000 Feet Transmitting Range
  • Audio Alerts for up to 4 Monitoring Zones
  • 4 Different Tone Options
  • LED Counter
  • Option to Connect Accessories like Sirens and Strobes
3. Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20
  • 1000-2000 Feet Transmitting Range
  • Locates Intrusion Using Unique 12 Zone Receiver
  • Infrared Eye for Better Detection
  • Easy to Use, with Just 2 Buttons Controlling all Functions
  • 3 Different Tone Options and Low Battery Indicator
4. Voice Alert System 6 VA-6000S
  • 1000 Feet Transmitting Range, 300 Feet Through Walls
  • Allows 6 User Messages for Different Situations
  • Indicates Missed Messages or Messages Recorded in Your Absence
  • LED Display for Motion Detection
  • Infrared Motion Detector
5. Dakota Alert DV-DCMA-2500-CM
  • 2500 Feet Transmitting Range
  • 50 Feet Detection Range
  • 4 Different Tone Options for Different Zones
  • Option to Add Accessories
  • Heat and Motion Detection with Easy Setup
Besides these there are many more driveway alarms that you can choose from depending on your need. These alarms have become almost a need of the day, and are available in plenty, at affordable costs as well.
Driveway alarms are multi-functional and not only useful for the driveways. All houses inadvertently have various spots that are not seen or thought about. These spots make it easier for burglars and thieves to enter into the house uninvited. Driveway alarms will recognize any untoward motion around the house and alert the home owner.
They are also a good protection against property vandalism. Most households have as many valuables outside the house as well. Cars, bikes, lawn-mowers are all open season for robbers and burglars - unless there are proper security measures installed. They are also the perfect 'Elephant Tusk', as it gives an idea of the home surveillance and other home security inside the house.
Some security alarms have a visual display, which help you keep an eye on your children even when they are outside in the exterior of the house. Such visual display alarms are a boon for people in a perpetual hurry with children playing along the porch or driveway. Driveway alarms are waterproof and are built to withstand harsh temperatures and the systems are fitted with waterproof Passive Infra Red motion sensors.
Therefore, the machinery works well even in heavy rainfall. Driveway alarms are smart enough and do not trigger at the event of a small animal moving around in the house. These alarms are available from twenty dollars to three hundred dollars.
A good driveway alarm system has the necessary accessories, maintenance catalogs for ease of use. There are many companies offering driveway alarm systems, and most of these companies have their own websites which give a proper idea about the features, costs and other relevant information about their products. A person wishing to buy a driveway alarm must first consider going to these websites and then choosing which is the best system for them.