What Do Tulips Mean? You'll Be Amazed to Know the Answer

Beautiful tulips in varied hues are a great way of expressing your feelings! This is because there is a certain meaning associated with these gorgeous flowers. This Buzzle article tells you what do tulips mean and how they are important.
Almost everyone loves the presence of beautiful flowers. Well, flowers in the backyard or pleasant flower arrangements at home can brighten up even the most uninteresting and dull days! Did you know the popularity of flowers is such that there are certain symbolic meanings associated with specific flowers? Flower meanings have always played a significant role in our culture and society.

Amongst all the beautiful varieties of flowers present in this world, the various hues of tulips have mesmerized people for years. Their sight, swaying gently in the wind, evokes many feelings within a person. Yes, you guessed that right! Even tulips have some meaning. You must be wondering if the different types of tulips hold certain significance in our lives, right? Well, let's take a peek into the depths of this beautiful flower in the below sections.

What Do Tulips Signify?
Beautiful and romantic tulip blooms are right for any occasion! The reason being that tulips have enjoyed an important position in our history and culture. In the ancient times, in Turkey, these flowers were worn inside a turban. (Tulips belong originally to Persia and Turkey.) Once their popularity spread, it was associated with true love. This was also because of certain Turkish legends. Over the years, however, their meaning has changed.
  • In terms of color, red tulip symbolizes love.
  • Yellow tulips are a symbol of happiness in one's life.
  • A purple tulip represents royalty.
  • White tulips signify peace or forgiveness.
  • Tulips have a center that is velvet in texture and almost black in color, and this is said to represent the heart of a lover that is filled with passion!
Planting tulips as well as taking care of them is not very difficult, so you can try planting them in your garden if you are in love with these flowers.

These beautiful flowers enjoy an important position in our lives. Their enchanting beauty has surely cast a spell on all flower lovers!