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How to Grow Tulips Indoors

Attention Gardeners! You Can Grow Tulips Indoors. Here's How To

Beautiful tulips can be grown in your own home even if you are not an expert at gardening. Take a peek to know all about how to grow tulips indoors.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Everyone loves blossoming flowers in their backyards. Imagine waking up and holding a hot cup of tea, gazing at the beauty of colorful flowers in the morning hours. Gardening is more than just a hobby for some; many green thumbs do not really feel complete without spending some time pottering around in their garden. However, not everybody has access to large open spaces to cultivate this hobby. Even then, this should not be considered to be a hindrance for growing plants indoors. Amongst flowers, tulips are one of the most attractive varieties and growing them indoors in containers is relatively easy. There are certain factors you would need to consider for planting these magnificent flowers. Here, we can take a look at tips related to growing tulips at home.
Planting the Bulb
Tulip bulbs are relatively easy to grow, and the best thing about them is that they require little water for growth. This is because, in general, the bulbs of any plant have the capability to restore life anytime once it adapts to the natural surroundings. While planting bulbs, you would need to ensure that you place the potted bulb in a dark area. This does not mean planted bulbs cannot be left in the warmer areas. You can do so safely as long as the temperature does not exceed 50°F. Once you have planted the bulbs, keep a regular check on the same. Always check the drainage hole of the pot for signs of any root development.
Plant the bulbs in late autumn. The space left between each bulb depends largely upon the effect you wish to create. Ensure that the bulbs are not placed too close to each other. The depth of the plantation should be measured in terms of the height of the bulb. Plant at a depth that is three times the height of the bulb. Use an earthen pot for planting the bulbs, as they ensure better draining of water.
Soil Content
Always remember that tulips require a well-drained soil for better growth. Always fertilize the soil in the early spring or fall season. You can also check with your local nursery for specific fertilizers for growing tulip bulbs. To facilitate the process of draining the excess water, you can add some sand to the soil. It is always better to maintain an airy soil for growing tulips. Do bear in mind that the soil needs to be able to retain some moisture.
Watering the Plants
You would have to water your tulip with extra care and attention in the dry periods. This should be taken into consideration to prevent the soil bed from cracking up due to lack of water or moisture. Tulips particularly need watering in the early spring season. These plants thrive in full sunlight, but you need to place them in shade during the initial stages of plantation. You can keep them on the windowsill once they are sufficiently grown to give them access to maximum sunlight.
General Tips for Care
  • Avoid additional fertilizing while growing tulip bulbs. Add only specific amounts as required.
  • In case the stems appear stunted, it would be a result of a particular disease. In that case, you may need to begin with the planting process all over again!
  • When the water is drained from the pot, chances are that the potting mix would also tend to be washed out with the water flow. An ideal way would be to place a piece of a window screen at the base of the pot. This should be done before the addition of the potting mix. It will help retain the mix without obstructing the flow of the water.
  • In case of extreme weather, tulips may require mulch for the soil. Make a mixture of glass clippings, leaves, pine boughs, etc., and use this after the first frost. You can remove this layer with the arrival of spring.
Tulip planting is thus a relatively fuss-free and enjoyable hobby you can cultivate for your leisure hours. The beautiful blooms would be a testimony to all your efforts.
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