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Symbolic Meaning of Sweet Pea Flower

Symbolic Meaning of Sweet Pea Flower

A simple goodbye can mean a lot with a thoughtful gesture of gifting flowers. Flowers definitely have the power to make things better. Sweet pea flower symbolizes appreciation and departure. Know more about this delicate flower through this Gardenerdy post.
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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Did You Know?
According to some superstitions, seeds grown before sunrise on Saint Patrick's day grow better, and bloom into bigger flowers.
Every flower has a different meaning and symbolism. There's even a language of flowers. Amazing right? Well, it's always a good idea to know the basic traits associated with a flower. Imagine someone's gifted you a particular flower, and you don't understand what it means.

Sweet pea is a very popularly gifted flower. With its sweet fragrance, and multitude of colors it makes a great accompaniment for bouquets and flower arrangements.

Know more about this delicate flower with butterfly-shaped petals in the upcoming sections.

Sweet pea belongs to the Lathyrus family of flowers. It's scientific name is Lathyrus odoratus. Lathyrus means pea or pulse, andodaratus means fragrance. It is an annual climbing plant, that grows about 1-2 meters in height. The flowers are around 2-3.5 cm broad. It was first developed in the 17th century by a Scottish nurseryman, Henry Eckford. He was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society. There are many hybrid cultivars of this plant available in the market today. Some of the popular ones are Countess Spencer, King Edward VII, Lady Grisel Hamilton, and Dorothy Eckford, named after someone from Henry Eckford's family.

It is available in a plethora of colors, except yellow. It has still not been possible to grow a yellow cultivar of this plant. It is popularly planted in gardens due to its appealing looks and fragrance. It usually starts blooming in mid summer from March to November.
Sweet Pea Symbolism
Blissful pleasure

Delicate pleasure


Gifting someone sweet pea flowers is like thanking them for a good time or appreciating their efforts. If a friend hosted you at his place for a couple of days; you gift him a beautiful bouquet of sweet peas as a goodbye and thank you.
Sweet Pea Pictures
Red Sweet Pea
Red Sweet Pea
White and Red Sweet Pea
White and Red Sweet Pea
Pink Sweet Pea
Pink Sweet Pea
White Sweet Pea
White Sweet Pea
Purple Sweet Pea
Purple Sweet Pea
Meaning of Different Colors
RED - Red is a strong color, which is associated with love, courage, and desire.

WHITE - White means innocence, calmness, and gratitude.

PINK - Pink is the color of youth, linked with happiness, joy, and beauty.

PURPLE - Purple is a very royal color, which symbolizes admiration, respect, and pride.
Every month of the year has a flower associated with it. It's called the birth flower of that month. It is said that the qualities of that flower are imbibed by the person born in that month. Sweet pea is the birth flower of the month of April. You can gift cuttings or beautiful floral arrangements of sweet pea to your friends or family members who have their birthday in April.

A very straightforward but delicate symbolism, sweet fragrance, and soft pastel colors are the specialty of sweet peas. They are a much preferred choice in gardens and the flowers are used in potpourris as well. One thing you should remember though, the seeds of sweet pea are extremely poisonous, and should not be consumed.