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Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Swimming is easy to learn and even more fun when you have your own swimming pool. The difficult part is to ensure that the pool remains clean. Following a simple checklist for proper maintenance of the swimming pool will ensure that you do not forget any of the steps that are important for proper cleaning.
Tulika Nair
Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? If yes, then you are one of those lucky blessed individuals who have the luxury to laze around in the water in the hot summer months. The only downside of owning a swimming pool is that it comes with the hassle of cleaning the pool regularly and ensuring proper maintenance. Without effective maintenance, a swimming pool can literally go down the drain. You need to ensure that the water is checked every day, the pool equipment is proper, the filters are working properly, and these are just a few of the many things that you need to do to ensure that water is clean and clear so that you do not end up with stinging eyes. The checklist given in this article will hopefully help you ensure that you do not miss out any steps while cleaning a swimming pool.

Maintenance Checklist for Swimming Pools

If you have a swimming pool, you would know how important it is to maintain it well and how much effort goes into maintaining it. It is important that on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis you conduct some basic tasks. With a proper schedule to follow, swimming pool owners can ensure that the pool is clean and safe to use. Following a simple checklist will ensure that your pool is gorgeous and inviting all yearlong. In this article, we give you a checklist that will ensure that you do not forget any of the steps that need to be followed.

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Daily Maintenance Checklist for Swimming Pools

Remove debris and leaves from the pool with the help of a strainer basket or leaf rake.
Check the filter pressure.
Check the clarity of the water and if it is not clear, then clean filter.
Check and test the water for requirement of chemicals and add them if need be.
Check the circulation and sanitation systems.
Check the pH of the water.
Weekly Maintenance Checklist for Swimming Pools

Clean the tiles flooring the pool and the walls of the pool using a nylon brush.
Clean the algae on the concrete walls and use a stainless steel brush to loosen tough algae.
Check the walls and the vinyl liner on the pool for any tears or cracks and use the appropriate kit for repair of the tears and cracks.
Clean the deck of the swimming pool using water. Ensure that none of this water enters the pool area.
Use a pool cover to cover the swimming pool so that the process of evaporation is kept in check, debris is kept out, and the heat is trapped.
Monthly Maintenance Checklist for Swimming Pools

Collect samples of the pool water and take it to a professional tester to ensure proper hygiene.
Undertake the process of shocking the pool, especially if you have hosted a pool party or your town has been hit by a storm.
Undertake an inspection of the pool maintenance equipment that you own and undertake any repairs if necessary.
Check that the rescue equipment is accessible easily and is not damaged in any way.
Ensure that the equipment is repaired if necessary and that the users are aware of how to use them.

Many people with swimming pools in their backyards often choose to hire professional teams for swimming pool maintenance on a weekly or even monthly basis. This is especially true for swimming season as it can be a major time saver. While this is definitely a great idea, you will still need to take care of several things especially those listed out in the daily checklist. It is therefore a great idea to invest in a pool cover to save you on a lot of effort. You will have to spend an average of at least six to seven hours for maintaining a fully functional pool. It is better to take out this time on a daily basis and ensure that you deal with problems as soon as they arise or you will only end up spending a bomb on maintaining your pool. With a checklist in hand and a proper maintenance guide for a swimming pool, you should have no problems doing all the chores on your own. A checklist is a great way of ensuring that nothing is left out, so that you can enjoy lazing around in your pool in all its glory, without worrying about anything.