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Spruce Up Your Home With Exclusive Outdoor Stair Railings

Outdoor Stair Railings
Outdoor railings not only enhance the aesthetic look of your home, but also provide protection. Let us have a look at the available options, and pick one for ourselves.
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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Wooden Stairs
Outdoor stair railings add strength, beauty and finish to the overall look of the house. They must be durable and strong. However, many people prefer beauty over durability.
When we talk about outdoor railings, we also talk about the exterior of the house. This means that it should not look out of place and at the same time must make your house stand out. Remember, it provides the first impression and must therefore be in perfect harmony with the design and look of your house.
Wooden Stair Rails
Wooden Stair Railings
Wooden Stair Railings
Wooden outdoor stair railings give a rustic look to your deck. They can be carved in various shapes to add to the beauty of the stairs, and the deck.
Wooden handrails
They complement log houses or old country houses. The railings can be made of oak, cypress, birch, mahogany, pine, and maple, and the best part is paint can also be used on wood.
However, they need maintenance, and waterproofing is necessary for damage prevention. Wood is one of the most stylish and interesting material which can be molded artistically. It gives a pleasant feeling of being in tune with nature.
Metallic Railings
Metal handrails
Metal outdoor railings are sturdy and available in various designs. These can be molded and painted. Outdoor metal stair railings are mostly available in two materials namely wrought iron and stainless steel.
Wrought Iron
Metal handrails
Using wrought iron is a conventional option for outdoor railings. Wrought iron fixtures enhance the decor of the porch and are complemented by pastel shades walls. 
Even stained glass fitted on doors, windows give elegant touch to the entrance along with wrought iron railings. Wrought iron is fabricated in hollow rods forming different shapes and sizes. Wrought iron railings are light and render the durability of iron. Aluminum railings for outdoor stairs also has come up, and is getting popular.
Stainless Steel
The stainless steel railings for outside stairs are available in pre-assembled, desired sizes. Apart from residential use, stainless stair railings are widely used in commercial areas like shopping malls, shops, offices and airports. The stainless steel outdoor railings also require weatherproofing, which can be provided with a protective wrapping.
Another variation to this is stainless steel railing with the use of stones. It has a stone railing, and is completed with a designer grill. This gives a stylish, yet rustic feel to the stair rails.
Concrete and Stone Handrails
Stone Railings
Concrete railings
They give a classy look, especially the marble or granite outdoor railings. Stone railings are heavy, need professional installing and their maintenance is easy.
Concrete railings
Regular wash, occasional paint keeps them new. Stone railings give limited design options, but are very strong. They can be carved in marble for a complex look and are for those who like old architecture with modern designs.
Glass, Cable and Vinyl Stair Railings
Though not very usual, glass and cable railings can be comfortably used to add richness and style to your home. Vinyl, on the other hand, being sturdy and cheap, is a popular choice for outdoor stair railings.
Glass stair railings
This is by far the most delicate and classy, however, glass is not at all meant for the exterior as it easily gets damaged and cannot provide much protection.
Glass stair sidings are for the rich and classy, and must be used in houses where it doesn't have any threats from kids or pets. Plain or designer, glass definitely emanates class.
Cable wire railings
Cables are a great option, if you go short of ideas. They may not provide much of a protection, however, a sophisticated look is something that cables definitely promise.
Wooden stair railing
The vinyl outdoor railings are the cheapest stair railings available. The railings are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Note: This image is of indoor vinyl stairs, and is used for representational purposes.
These outdoor stair railings require nominal maintenance, are sturdy, and can withstand weather changes. The only drawback of the vinyl is that it exhibits a mediocre look.
Concrete railings
Different outdoor railings fulfill different needs. All the outdoor stair railing ideas must be considered carefully before selecting one, as it would contribute a lot to the decor and look of the house.
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Be it iron, be it glass, the design must be unique and must solve the purpose. Therefore, choose the one that suits you best and get going. After all, we do not build homes everyday.