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Decoding the Symbolic Connotation and Meaning of Fire and Ice Roses

Meaning of Fire and Ice Roses
Meanings and symbols often are strong reasons to welcome or denounce something. Flowers are representatives of color, and hence have meanings and stigmas attached to them. Gardenerdy will decode the symbolic connotation of the fire and ice rose.
Samarpita Choudhury
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
In folklore, the other name for Fire and Ice rose is the Vampire Rose.
Have you ever caught a glimpse of those bi-colored roses that adorn the gardens with their brilliant contrasting hues? Well, those are the beautiful fire and ice roses that set an awe with their spectacular combination of contrasting colors. They are a perfect combination of the dark and the light, complete with a sparkling red interior and soothing white exterior.

Rose is the universal symbol of love, friendship, relationship and beyond. When the rose possesses a dual color combination like that of the Fire and Ice rose variety, the meaning intensifies. This variety of rose belongs to the hybrid tea rose type. It is one of the most popular type of this class. The reasons for it being popular needs no special mention. It is one of the trendsetters of the floral industry in its own right. It's one of the highest selling hybrid roses, therefore a favorite amongst the florists all over.

Given the magnificent color blast, it automatically tops the list of the gaudy, showy flowers that are used incessantly in home gardens, exhibitions, functions, celebrations, or simply to add life to that lonesome vase on the table in the living room. What a beauty indeed! Once you set your foot in a room abounding with these roses, you surely wouldn't be able to resist yourself from indulging in the feeling of utter bliss. It would for sure transform even the worst of mood swings into a happy-go-lucky mood in just no time. There is more to know about this perfect floral beauty, apart from its breathtaking rich looks.
Meaning of Fire and Ice rose
Fire and Ice, first hybridized in the year 1987, has been on numerous places ranging from the florists' basket of showy flowers to the fairy tales and folklore from grandma's gossips. Roses in general signify love, passion, hope, beauty, and chastity. On a more specific note, a fire and ice is the culmination of passion and innocence. Let's have a look at it closely.
The 'red' in Fire and Ice
Red is the color of passion, the intensity, and undying nature of love. The red shade of this rose denotes the same. It also signifies the 'bloody' side of the vampires. It also symbolizes eternal love that is expressed with pomp and fervor, uninhibited.
The 'white' in Fire and Ice
White is one of the most superior colors. It is known across the globe in different cultures as a symbol of purity and innocence. In a fire and ice rose, it depicts the same virtue. It also stands for concern and unconditional love.
The Fiery-Icy Features
Color: Red-white combination
Height of Plant: 5-6 feet
Plant Width: 3-4 feet
Fragrance: Lightly fragrant

Additional Features
* Good life when used as cut flowers, hence it's a florist rose.
* Can be grown singly or grouped in combination gardens.
* They grow in large numbers and hence are great to have them cut for bouquets and bunches.
Growing conditions
* USDA Growing Zone: 5,6, and 7
* Soil: Requires moist soil.
* When to plant: Spring
* Sunlight: Grows well in full sun. Requires at least 5-7 hours of daily sun exposure. Needs excellent exposure to sunlight.
* Water: Requires good water conditions. The roots of the plant must be watered adequately, rather than watering on the leaves or over the top.
* Fertilizers: Requires fertilizer and rose food during the growing season. A good organic fertilizer is a good option. It should also get doses of fertilizer at the first occurrence of flowers. Add mulch.
* Pruning: Plants when pruned, naturally provide healthy flowers. Hence should be done religiously.

It is known for its resistance to many of the rose diseases which seem to affect other varieties of roses. However, in some cases, there could be complaints of powdery mildew and rust.
For over 4000 years, roses have been known for ruling the heart of humanity for its unparalleled beauty and grace. Roses are always eventful, be it the confession of love for the beloved, or as a bundle of warm wishes for the newly weds. It doesn't require any manipulation or persuasion to propel one to have them grown in the gardens despite the numerous thorns attached to it. Fire and Ice is just another variety you wouldn't be weary of watching in your garden.
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