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How to Grow Roses

How to Grow Roses And Make Your Garden Look Amazingly Beautiful

By following some basic gardening requirements, the job of growing roses becomes easy. Read ahead, it will help you right from buying the variety of rose, to taking care of it to grow healthy roses on the plant.
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Last Updated: Jan 5, 2019
Bouquet of Roses
Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, whether the red ones that express love or the white ones that look serene. With different gardening methods, one can even graft different colored rose plant together to create new shades of roses.
Bush Of Beautiful Pink Roses
Roses might look delicate, but they are quite easy to grow if you meet their basic care needs like proper water, a well-fertilized soil and adequate sunlight. With these basic care needs you can grow healthy rose plant, and enjoy the beautiful roses on the plants.
Pink Roses Flower In Spring
One needs to be aware of some minor issues when growing rose plants too. Watering a rose plant regularly, may expose its roots making the plant unsteady. The plant will then start showing signs of yellow leaves. Also, if you water directly at the base of the stem, this problem occurs.
Basic Rose Care Requirements
Rose Garden
Go to a plant nursery, and ask the manager which variety of roses are most suited for the climate in your area. Also, make sure that you buy disease resistant rose plant to make your job easier.
Red Roses
Some of the best varieties are the miniature and the grandiflora types of roses. After selecting the right variety of rose, always keep in mind these basic requirements to make your gardening plan for growing roses in pots or land a success.
Roses Flower In Spring
Sunlight: To plant your rose plant or keep your rose pots, select a site where your plant will get minimum 6 hours of full sun exposure.
Monet's masterpiece
For container gardening of roses in pots, choose the semi-permeable clay pots and make sure there are enough drainage holes, at the base of the pots, and keep them in a well-exposed sunny area. It is best if you plant your roses during the spring.
Little Girl Watering The Garden
Water: Rose plants require a lot of water and a well nourished soil to keep healthy. For first three to four weeks after planting your roses, water your plants regularly. Water them when you find the top 2 inches of the soil dry. To check this keep a marked wooden stick or pencil.
Soil: No matter which way of gardening you decide to grow your roses, whether on land or in pots, the soil requirements are same. However, the soil should be well-drained, with a pH level between 5.5 to 7.
Manure pile
Organic fertilizer like manure or lime helps in nourishing the roots of the rose plants. Soak the roots in water or puddle clay for many times and take out the root ends which are broken before planting them.
Additional Care Tips to Grow Roses
Beautiful Roses in Garden
Remember, these tips to grow and care for your roses

Fertilization should be done 3 months after its plantation. Use a good organic and well-drained mulch of 3-6 inches.
Pruning Shears
✦ Using sharp shears, prune during early spring, or when the plants start budding, because the buds will develop later into new branches. Cut the bushes around one-third or half of the desired height you want them.
Three Red Roses On Sunny Sky
✦ Add few more inches of mulch during winters, to protect your rose bushes, mulch will offer the extra heat during the winter. The best mulch for roses are the organic ones which contain pine needles, wood chips and grass clippings.
Roses in Garden
✦ Make sure you water them regularly but lightly. Also, try to avoid watering directly on the foliage as it can cause fungal diseases.
✦ Ensure that the area where you are planting or keeping your rose pot is well circulated, as roses don't grow well in tight area.

✦ In case you find any pests on your rose, use an organic pesticide, but follow the label instructions properly.
Red Roses
So, keep in mind the basic requirements to keep your rose plants healthy, and you will be rewarded with beautiful blooming roses! And remember the mentioned additional tips on growing roses, for the extra care of your roses.