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How to Get Rid of a Dog

How to Get Rid of a Dog

At times, stray dogs become a bit of a nuisance in neighborhoods. It is at times like these that something needs to be done about them. This article provides some tips on getting rid of strays of giving away your own dog.
Arjun Kulkarni
Many times, stray dogs become a nuisance to the neighborhoods that they reside in. At times, they are also affected by diseases such as rabies. They tend to bark into the night, disturbing everybody around. They also normally run around in packs. Many times, they are not really dangerous, but at times, they can attack people.

Getting Rid of Strays

Call Animal Shelter
Call up your local animal shelter and ask them to take away the dog. Contact your city council or any other local authority which runs the dog pound, and ask them to pick it up. They will lay a suitable trap for the hound and take it away.

Dog Repellents
You can carry some good dog repellents. However, it may be illegal to use them on the dog. You're supposed to spray/rub (depending on the product) the surfaces which the animal frequents. However, follow the instructions given on the product, otherwise you might end up harming yourself. Commercial dog repellents may be a bit expensive.

Dog Whistles
When you blow a dog whistle, it creates a sound that is high-pitched which, while humans can't hear, completely disturbs the dog and drives it away for a good measure. However, do not keep blowing it as it will disturb the dog greatly and cause it discomfort.

Giving away Your own Dog

A lot of folks get dogs and then realize that taking care of one is not really something they can do. Others who love their female dogs face a dilemma when their female dog gives birth to a litter of puppies. Taking care of all of them is not everyone's cup of tea.

One way to find another home for your dog is to inform your vet, or a person who sells medicines and food for dogs. They generally know people who are looking for new puppies or wanting to adopt dogs. You could also put up an ad stating your desire to sell your puppies to interested and loving families, on dog-care specific websites or even in the local newspaper. However, it is best to get your female dog neutered to avoid this situation in the first place.

Before getting a dog, always consider every aspect of taking care of it. Dogs need a lot of love, and some effort goes into taking care of them. If you know that you may not be able to take care of one, do not get it in the first place, as giving it away affects not only you, but also the dog.