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How Much Does a Pool Cost

How Much Does a Pool Cost

If you are researching the cost of building a swimming pool, this article will be a helpful read. Keep reading ahead to know about the cost of construction.
Omkar Phatak
It is the dream of every homeowner to have a swimming pool in his backyard. I am sure that the benefits of having one, need not be explained here. Not only does it make the summer bearable, but it also adds to the overall ambiance of your house. There is a general belief that the pools can be freakishly costly. There is truth in that belief, but times are changing and cost of building and maintaining one, has substantially reduced.

Most people don't even explore the option of building a swimming pool, even though it is well within their reach. The cost of building and maintaining a mid-sized pool is almost the same today, as that of a brand new car. There are many reasons for the fall in cost. A prime one is the introduction of cheaper materials and the reduction in overall construction cost. There are many types that you could opt for, which include in-ground and over-the-ground pools. Let us look at the factors that need to be taken into consideration, while planning to build one.

Factors Affecting Cost

Due thought needs to be given to the factors that affect the cost, while planning for your pool. The main factor that affects cost is the size of the pool in square feet. Also, what matters is the type of pool you opt for and its depth.

An above-ground pool is substantially cheaper than an in-ground pool, for obvious reasons. Other than that, pool lining, fencing, setup cost of purification machinery, and the drainage system will add to the overall price. If you want to go for an infinity pool or any designer type, the cost is going to go up further.

Cost Estimate

The cost per square foot, for building a pool, ranges from USD 40 to USD 54. This is the cost of building an in-ground pool, per square foot. This price is inclusive of all the construction cost and should be considered as a very rough estimate.

A standard size in-ground pool will cost about USD 12,000 to USD 17,000. This is the price of a vinyl-lined pool. Fiber glass shell and concrete pools will cost you a lot more. A standard size fiber glass pool will cost around USD 20,000 to USD 25,000. A concrete pool may cost you in excess of USD 40,000. Above-the-ground pools are easy to install and cost the least because of no excavation and construction costs. For just USD 3000, you can have an above-the-ground pool setup. It is the least expensive option.

Get a detailed estimate of a contract and work with an architect on making the most efficient use of space and resources, to keep the cost down. You must also estimate the cost of maintaining the pool, in advance, to know what it will cost you to keep it running. All the efforts and days of planning will be well worth it, when you dive into the pool for the first time.