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When to Plant Gladiolus

When to Plant Gladiolus

Gladiolus can be propagated through their fleshy corms. Are you interested to know about growing one, and when to plant it? Then, read the following article to know the best time for growing this plant.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Growing flowering plants and watching them bloom is a great feeling. However, not all hobbyists get a chance to appreciate beautiful flowers. There may be several reasons behind plants not blooming in the right manner; one is gardening problems while another aspect is the planting time, which is very crucial for successful plantation of any vegetable or garden plant. One has to know when to plant gladiolus as it plays a major role in the sustenance and growth of the plant.

Planting Gladiolus Bulbs

So, you want to know the best time for planting them. Before discussing the optimal growing period, let's try to know the native habitat and some basic information about these plants. Gladiolus is indigenous to the mountainous regions of South America, and it blooms in midsummer. Unlike other true bulbs like tulips and hyacinths, it bears fleshy corms, which do not require winter treatment for flowering. Taking all these into consideration, the ideal time for planting it is spring, immediately after the last frosting is over.

After plantation, this plant takes approximately 2 - 3 months for flowering. By adjusting the planting time, you can ensure continuous blooming during the summer season. What you can do is grow gladiolus bulbs (corms) in two batches, with a time span of two weeks between the two plantations. As far as growing pattern is concerned, you can plant these in groups in flower beds, or as borders to other short-stemmed flowering plant varieties.

Growing Gladiolus Bulbs

Growing these plants is no different from planting other corm bearing flowers. Once you know when to plant it, start preparing the soil as soon as the environmental conditions become favorable in your area. Needless to say, you should have thorough knowledge about its basic care instructions. Discussed below are some useful tips pertaining to growing and caring for these plants:
  • Planting Site: This plant grows best in areas that receive full sunlight, but is protected from strong winds. In case you have a shaded yard, consider planting it in pots. That way, you can place the containers in sunlit places.
  • Soil Preparation: The soil conditions favorable for maintaining healthy varieties are fertile, well-drained soil. Before planting, you can supplement garden soil or potting media, with a heavy dose of farmyard compost.
  • Selecting Variety: Purchase large-sized, healthy corms of your favorite color from your local nursery center. Avoid the ones having soft spots or bruises, which after planting may become susceptible to rotting.
  • Growing Gladiolus: Based on the corm size, make planting holes of about 3 - 5 inches deep, leaving a space of 2 - 4 inches between two holes. Remember that you can plant only one healthy corm per hole. Place corm and fill with soil. Lightly press soil to remove air pockets, if any.
  • Caring: Deeply water the new plant. Shoots will sprout within the first few weeks after plantation. Prior to flowering, you can apply a small dose of fertilizer. This will help in producing large blooms.
Thus, growing gladiolus plant is not at all difficult. The only thing is to understand the concepts regarding its growth requirements, when to plant it, and how to sustain it. Once established in the soil, these plants thrive well with minimal care and maintenance. You can cut their flower stalks, and use them for decorating your room. Besides, you can also gift one; cut right from your flower garden, and present it to your loved one.
Gladiolus Flower In The Garden
Bunch Of Colorful Gladiolus Flowers
Gladiolus Flower
Creamy Striped Gladiolus Flowers In Garden
Red Gladiolus In Garden
Lovely Colored Pink Gladiolus
Pink Gladiolus
Bright Red Flowers Gladiolus
Gladiolus In A Garden