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Gazebo Plans with Fireplace

Gazebo Plans with Fireplace
There are many good gazebo plans with fireplace and the trick is to choose the right one for your home. In this article we are going to discuss gazebo plans that you can have for your house.
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A gazebo is a very attractive feature to have in your garden so that you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other or just relax and curl up with a book after a busy day. It is a welcome addition in your home and the best thing about building a screened gazebo or an open to air gazebo is that they provide visual interest in your garden. A gazebo is a freestanding structure that was traditionally octagonal in shape and was built in a garden or park. Nowadays gazebos comes in all shapes, sizes and designs, from the open air gazebo, to screened gazebo to gazebos built around hot tubs. If you live in a place where the evenings get chilly then you can even opt for gazebo plans with fireplace. Here we will discuss in detail different designs of gazebos with fireplace.
Gazebo Plans with a Fireplace Arrangement
A fireplace is something that most home owners long to have. But unfortunately, sometimes it is not practical to build one inside the house. Still you can fulfill this desire by building a fireplace outdoors and then installing or building a gazebo around it. In this way your fireplace is protected from winds and rains and you can have a sheltered place where you can enjoy the warmth of the fire. If you think that it is cumbersome to build a fireplace, then you can even install a fire pit inside the gazebo.
  • An outdoor fireplace can be built with bricks, stones or even concrete. You can have different designs for your fireplace like a traditional square construction or opt for a round design. The best material for building a fireplace is of course concrete as it offers you excellent durability and versatility. It is cost-effective and you can get your mason to build it within a day.
  • When you are looking for gazebo plans with fireplace, you have to choose a gazebo design that is completely covered, i.e. it has a sturdy roof. This is because you need to protect the fireplace or fire pit from the elements.
  • The best gazebo plans with firebox or fireplace is a simple, fully enclosed gazebo made with cedarwood or oak which has plenty of space for storing extra logs as well as extra seats. Decorate the gazebo by placing some wicker chairs with plenty of colorful cushions and store essentials like water bottles and a few snacks.
  • If your budget is limited and you cannot afford a fireplace, then the next best option would be to purchase a fire pit. There are many different designs and sizes of fire pits available in the market and if you look carefully, you are sure to find one that can match your budget.
  • The advantage of having a fire pit is that it is compact and some of them comes with cooking grills which allows you to grill meats and vegetables. As a fire pit is relatively compact, gazebo plans for fire pits can be smaller in size.
  • A screened gazebo made with bamboo is one of the best gazebo designs for fire pits. It is also quite inexpensive to install and all you need to complete the look is to plant a few vines outside the gazebo.
  • If you want a warm and cozy place to relax, then choose gazebo plans with wood stoves. Opting for a wood stove inside a gazebo instead of constructing a fireplace is a much simpler option.
  • Construct a wooden gazebo that is fully enclosed and make sure that the door of the gazebo can be shut completely so that the gazebo remains insulated.
An outdoor fireplace with a gazebo is an ideal spot for you to relax in and also enjoy the view. Gazebo plans with logs and fire pits should be constructed with care so that you can enjoy many a relaxing evening in the gazebo.
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