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Screened Gazebo Options

Rimlee Bhuyan Jun 10, 2019
A gazebo not only adds aesthetic and monetary value to a house, but can be a perfect place to enjoy the lush green lawns of your home, while being sheltered from the elements. Gazebos can be constructed in different designs and styles, and you can choose one to match the style of your home.
For those who love the outdoors and are keen to have a landscaped garden, a good option would be to include a gazebo in the landscaping plans. A traditional gazebo is octagonal in shape, and they are very popular in Japanese and Chinese architecture. 
Nowadays, most homeowners prefer to have screened gazebos in their gardens to relax and have a cup of tea while they enjoy the view. The structure has also been made popular by architects and landscape artists, who construct elaborate gazebos in gardens and backyards.

Options for Screened Gazebos

A gazebo can be open or screened from all sides. An open gazebo, although quite beautiful to look at, does not provide shelter from wind and rain. Screened gazebos, on the other hand, are ideal for all weather conditions.
They provide the right level of privacy, without compromising on the view. If you love entertaining guests, then a gazebo allows you to create a great dinner party ambiance. Dining alfresco on a balmy evening, inside a gazebo, is something that your guests will remember for a long time.
Screened gazebos are made with netting, to keep small insects from attacking you and your food. The best way to make a gazebo look inviting for your guests is to arrange a couple of wicker chairs with colorful cushions, a coffee table, and a vase of fresh flowers.
Screened gazebos are also excellent if you have a hot tub installed outdoors. Although, you might love the idea of relaxing in a hot tub under the stars, in reality, you need privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors. 
You can have the screens made with wood or bamboo slats, or you can also opt for a lattice screen made of wood and painted in attractive colors.
For a very whimsical gazebo style, you can also install a canopy that has polyester screens. These polyester screens can be zippered up to keep the mosquitoes at bay and to give you privacy. When you are not using the hot tub, the polyester canopy can be tied back.
For those of you who would like a more traditional design, the best option is to construct an octagonal or hexagonal structure in wood with a raised roof. The walls of the structure can be constructed out of plain glass or frosted glass, and the door can also be made of wood.
These are excellent for cottage style homes, and become a perfect spot to curl up with a book. Many home improvement stores have kits, which are excellent for homeowners who want to construct their own gazebo. They are very easy to install and anyone handy with tools will have no problem using them.
A screened gazebo will make a welcome addition to your garden or backyard, and provide you with a space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.