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A List of 48 Flowers That Bloom in May With Pin-worthy Pictures

Flowers that Bloom in May
Browse through this article for a list of flowers that bloom in May, so that you know what to expect in your gardens this time of the year. We've tried to include as many as we could, so excuse any omissions.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Flowers are the perfect accessory to any home's exterior. The best thing you can do to decorate the exterior of your home, is plant some beautiful flowering plants, which will reward you with luxurious blossoms. Come summer and spring, and flowers are in their full splendor. They beckon us with their brightly colored faces. It is the most beautiful time of the year with the vibrant colors and lilting fragrances. If you want to be on the lookout for the kind of flowers that you can find around this time, here's a list of some of the flowers that are in season in May. Though this may not be a complete list, all efforts have been made to include as many names as possible. So get ready for a visual treat as you lose yourself in the fascinating world of these gorgeous flowers!

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Agapanthus flowers
Commonly known as the Lily of the Nile, this native African flower blooms in sets of two rows, in a sunny weather and comes in colors like purple, fading into blue and white.
Red Amaryllis Flower
This flower is also known as the belladonna lily, and again, grows in rows of two. It is native to South America and comes in warm shades like red, pink, orange, etc.
Anemone flower
The name of this flower means the 'wind flower'. It comes from a family of over 120 sub species. The colors that you can find anemones in are white, blue, red, violet, etc.
Pale Pink Apple Blossom
Native to the state of Michigan and its state flower, apple blossoms appear in white or pink shades. The scientific name is Pyrus coronaria and they bloom before apples appear.
Bird of paradise flower
Also called Strelitzia and native to South America, this flower has an exotic appearance as you can see in the picture. Its bright and brilliant colors do complete justice to its name.
Calla lily flowers
This pretty and simple variety of white lilies is scientifically known as Zantedeschia aethiopic. It is native to Southern Africa. It can be grown in colors like white, red, yellow, orange, etc.
White Lily
Among the varieties of lilies, the Casa Blanca Lily has to be the prettiest. Its pristine petals and innate softness and elegance makes it one of the most adored flowers!
Cherry blossom
The pretty cherry blossom is a flower native to Japan and is one of the hottest favorites there. People from all over the country flock to watch these trees when in full bloom.
Clematis flower
Clematis flowers are available in different pastel colors and varieties of hybrids. They are best used in gardens due to their refreshing, yet not overwhelming fragrance.
Cornflower Blue
Often called the Bluebottle and native to Europe, this flower has its roots in Greek mythology. It has herbal and medicinal properties, which can be used to treat tired eyes.
Daffodils flowers
Also known as Narcissus, daffodils have such a jolly appearance that they can refresh almost anyone. But they can be poisonous if ingested. So, be careful around them.
Dahlia Flower
The dahlia has been named after Andreas Dahl, who apparently mistook the plant for a vegetable. Today, these flowers are available in almost every color.
Delphinium flowers
Delphis means dolphin in Latin, which is what this blue flowers' buds are shaped like. Beware, the plant, though used in medicine, can be poisonous too.
Dogwood flowers
These flowers grow in clusters and are generally assumed to have four petals. The petals are the greenish structures inside the bracts that are assumed to be the petals.
Forsythia flowers
William Forsythe created the first rock garden in the United Kingdom. These flowers that are native to China are named after him. They are perfect when grown in clusters.
Freesia Yellow And Red
These flowers can be grown very easily and are beautifully fragrant. They are used in bouquets and even decorations for arches and other kinds of flower arrangements.
Gardenia flower
These off white, fragrant flowers are native to the African tropics. They take a little effort to plant and care for, and some time to bloom but are beautiful, so no one minds.
Gloriosa Superba Liliaceae
This flower grows on vines, and delicate though it may seem, can be extremely poisonous if consumed. So, it's better to enjoy these flowers from a safe distance.
Blooming Heather
These pink, purple red and white flowers are found extensively in Europe, Siberia and North America and are native to Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, etc.
Hellebore flower
Hellebores are one of the many perennial flowers that look stunning. The colors that these flowers come in are white, pink, purple and, get this, even green!
Hollyhock Alcea Rosea
You'll find these flowers in pale colors like white and yellows, and also in vibrant colors like maroon and red. They're perfect to be used as a border fence shrub.
Sea Of Lavender
These small flowers also called baby's breath can be found in colors like salmon, white, yellow, peach, lavender, blue and even pink, red, and orange.
Purple Lilac
A field of lilacs, when in full bloom, looks simply breathtaking! These purple colored flowers grow on shrubs that are, on an average, 10 feet tall.
Lisianthus flowers
Off white, cream, pink, mauve, tan, and blue are colors you can find this flower in. One of the major characteristics of this flower is that it attracts a lot of birds and bees.
Pink And White Magnolia Blossom
Dark green foliage and pure white fragrant blossoms complete this garden plant and give it a regal appearance. It is also the state flower of Louisiana.
Orchid flowers
If there's one flower that can be termed as an exquisite beauty, it is the orchid. This flower looks as good in a bouquet, as it does in a bride's hairdo, and even on its creeper!
Pansy flowers
A pansy is a hybrid of a type of violet and is bred in colors like red, yellow, orange, purple, white, and of course, violet. Not original, yet as gorgeous as any!
Peach blossom
These flowers have a special place in Vietnamese folklore and their blossoming heralds the arrival of spring there. They are also the state flower of Delaware.
Peony flower
These flowers are native to Asia and Southern Europe and can range from cream, pink, red, to darker colors like purple and even black (dark purple).
Phlox flowers
These tiny flowers canvass the entire area they grow in. They are fragrant, and because of their bright colors, they attract a lot butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.
Poppy flowers
The most common color of poppies are red, orange, and yellow. Often used to denote a deep sleep or death it is also seen as a sign of resurrection in Classical mythology.
Protea flower
The King Protea is most popular due to its large size. However, there are other equally gorgeous varieties of this flower, in colors like yellow, red, white, pink, etc.
Pussy willow
When the buds reach the fuzzy white stage, they are frozen. These turn into catkins when allowed to grow fully. They are sold as for decoration during the Chinese New Year.
Ranunculus Flower
These flowers are known mainly for their layered and smooth-textured petals. The colors they come in include red, yellow, cream, orange, and white.
Rhododendron flowers
Rhododendrons are in full bloom in May when their beauty is at its peak. The deep green foliage and vividly colored flowers makes for a great sight in a garden.
Beautiful rose flower
One of the most preferred flowers all around the world, the rose is native to Asia, has more than a hundred species, and is available in a diverse range of colors!
Solidago flower
These wild flowers, native to North America are nicknamed 'golden rods'. They have flat tops and appear to be shaped like little yellow wands, flitting in the breeze.
Stargazer Lily
When you look at this flower, you can't help but associate it with an actual star. With its freckles, it is again one of the prettiest lily varieties and is sweetly fragrant too!
Stephanotis flower
Stephanos stands for crown, while otis stands for ear in Greek. This forms the name of this flower that appears to have a head of tiny flowers that resembles a crown.
Beautiful strawflower
These flowers are harvested when they are not fully bloomed and then hung upside down to dry. The dried flowers are then used in flower arrangements.
Sundrop flowers
The botanical name of this native American flower is Oenothera. It has a pallid yellow shade, which resembles the sun's light at dusk. Hence, the name Evening Primrose.
Sweet pea flower
The original sweet pea flower was sent by a Sicilian monk to England, if history has it right. The flower has been modified in its appearance tremendously since then.
Wild Trillium
Trilliums have 3 petals. They are a much protected species, and it is against the law to pluck one of these white flowers from its plant, without State permission.
Tulips flower
The beauty of tulips lies in their simplicity and the vibrant colors that they come in. They look nice when planted in gardens and fields, or even in a pot on a window sill.
Viburnum flowers
Since they're so easy to plant, and are quite hardy, they're a favorite among gardeners. The colors that these flowers are available in white, pink, red, yellow, blue, etc.
Weigela flowers
This native East Asian flower usually comes in pink and white or red, and is sometimes also seen in yellow. It is an ornamental shrub and has many hybrid varieties.
Fernleaf Yarrow
Yarrows are medicinal flowers that have been used by Native Americans since ages. The flowers have long stems and are said to have a 'million' petals.
Monarch Butterfly on Flower
These colorful flowers, when planted in beds, have the tendency to attract butterflies and small birds, which will further enhance the beauty of your garden.
Apart from the ones mentioned above, Brodea, Cosmos, Delwood, Larkspur, Liatris, Seeded Eucalyptus, Statice, Stock, Wax flower, etc. are also flowers that bloom in May. So, take your pick and decide which pretty ones you want for adorning your garden.
Honeybee collecting pollen on corn poppy flower
Peach blossoms view
Honeybee Pollinating a Pink Poppy
White Daffodils
Pink Rose Covered With Droplets
Golden Gardenia Flowers
Honeybee pollinating Delphinium
Yellow Gardenia
Amaryllis Flower
Peony And Raindrop
Petals Of A Peony In Drops
Stargazer Lily
White Rhododendron Macro
Magnolia Flowers
Pink Lilies
Pink Magnolia Flowers
Red Rose