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Flowering Shrubs that Grow in Shade

Flowering Shrubs that Grow in Shade
Are you planning to plant some flowering shrubs that grow in shade? Want to know the best ones are? Keep reading to know more.
Pragya T
There are many varieties of flowering shrubs that can be planted in shade. There are shrubs, which have clusters of beautiful flowers, and some which have delicate and pretty bell-like flowers. Listed below are some of the top shrubs and bushes that can be planted in shade, in your flower gardens. Whenever selecting a shrub, do a bit of research on facors like its soil requirements, watering, pruning, etc., so that you can get an idea of how much maintenance it will require.
These shrubs come in many varieties, and grow from 2-10 feet in height. This shrub has a beautiful foliage and it looks stunning even when it is without berries and flowers. It produces bright yellow flowers and cherries, which make it look even more beautiful. Berberis don't need any special growing conditions and can grow in any type of soil. They also don't need much pruning.
These are beautiful shrubs which produce clusters of flowers. They come in many colors, like pink, blue, white, etc. They grow about 4-6 feet in height and can be easily grown in partial-shade or full-shade conditions. If you want a colorful border around your house, these are the best choice.
Glossy Abelia
These flowering shrubs are beautiful hybrids of abelia that can be easily grown in shaded gardens. However, they do not sustain in sub-zero cold weather. They are semi-evergreen and have graceful, arching branches. The leaves are dark green and glossy, and the flowers are bell-shaped and come in pink or white colors.
These are very pretty flowering bushes that grow in partial or full shade. They have vibrant and brightly colored of flowers. They grow about 10 feet tall, but can be maintained in better shape with pruning. They are available in many colors, like white, coral, hot pink, etc.
There are around 250 varieties of camellia. Some grow to normal bush height, while some grow as big as trees. So, whenever buying a camellia, do not forget to check how big it will grow. Camellias can grow in full sun, but respond better in partial shade. These shrubs have big attractive flowers with many petals and come in many colors.
Mountain Laurel/Spoonwood
These plants have extremely beautiful flowers. They grow about 6-8 feet in height, and come in various color combinations, like white-blue, white-pink, white-purple, etc. They are great as ornamental flowers for forming hedges. However, they need well-drained soil, as they don't grow well in wet or clay soils.
Japanese Kerrias
These are very beautiful shrubs that grow about 3-5 feet in height and have delicate bright-yellow flowers. These plants can tolerate partial shade, and can be used as ornamental plants to form a border. They require well-drained soil and grow well in moderate to fertile soil.
Blue Mist Shrub
This is a small shrub which grows around 2-3 feet in height. It has aromatic flowers. When these shrubs are planted in large numbers, they look stunning. The sunshine blue variety has deep blue flowers. This is also very attractive to butterflies and tolerates any kind of soil.
Hardy Summersweet
These shrubs that can be planted in shaded areas don't require much maintenance and have sweet-smelling flowers. The flowers come in many colors, like pink, white, and deep red. It is pest free and looks breathtaking when planted in masses. It does well in shady areas and grows to a height of 4-6 feet.
Vinca Minor Vines
These are evergreen plants that do well in shaded areas. They grow to about 3-6 inches, and have delicate blue flowers. If you are looking for some flowering vine to cover the ground, these are a good choice as they grow very fast.
These were the best bushes that can be planted in a shaded area. So, take your pick from the above list, and form a beautiful border around your house!
Vinca minor 'Ralph Shugert'
Hardy Summersweet
Blue Mistflower
Japanese kerria flower
Standard Fuchsia in full bloom