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A Feng Shui Perspective on Houseplants to Attract Positive Energy

A Feng Shui Perspective on Houseplants
Plants have a positive influence on people and different flowers help in diverse ways; learn more right here!
Claudia Miclaus
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
According to Feng Shui principles and concepts, houseplants such as scented geraniums, azalea and begonia can contribute to the achievement of personal success and can improve one's self-esteem. Even if it weren't for the Feng Shui, the mere sight of these splendid flowers can indeed make someone feel better, and therefore fill somebody with positive feelings and trust in one's personal skills and powers. Scented geranium is said to have the power to calm down one's spirit and to increase somebody's sense of humor, a quality necessary for every conversation.
Azalea and Begonia
Azalea is good for those who are afraid of commitment and responsibility. Such flower is considered to have a subliminal power on somebody's self image, improving one's self-trust. Begonia can influence the quality of communication and interaction.
Persian Cyclamen and African violet
These can contribute to your material well-being and can increase your inner strength. Cyclamen can turn inconsistent, dependent persons into independent ones. White violets can soothe one's spirit, calming down intense emotions whereas blue violets can help somebody discover his/her own creativity. Purple violets offer us understanding and spiritual tranquility.
purple flower
Spiderwort (Tradescantia), fern and ivy can help us maintain peaceful, harmonious and positive relationships. There is a superstition about spiderwort, which says that this plant can make us overreact and feel jealous, but like any superstition, it may very well be untrue. Fern is said to help us regain our balance, to solve our problems in a tactful manner and to discern needs from wishes. Ivy can help us get rid of negative feelings such as envy, anger and resentment.
Aloe Vera
aloe vera
Aloe Vera and small-leaved agave can help preserve the good quality of family members' relationships and relieve tension and stress.
Impatiens, the Chinese rose and calla offer a little bit of help in love relationships and creative activities. The Chinese rose can turn fun energy into creative energy and can neutralize aggressive feelings among family members. They can offer men a dose of masculinity and women, a dose of independence. Calla is believed to have the power of preventing families from breaking up and of making people more self-trustful. Impatiens can create a warm and peaceful atmosphere inside one's home.
vibrant flowers
Chrysanthemum and variegated croton can help appease fights and angry conversations within a couple. Chrysanthemum is thought to be extremely helpful for those who haven't yet reached a balance between sense and sensibility. Such a plant can chase away doubts and egocentrism.Variegated croton can ease a weary mind and make teenagers feel more self-assured, providing people with a calm attitude in tensed situations.
Cacti can neutralize anger but are also necessary for unpredictable people. They can also soothe resentful people and prevent them from any revengeful schemes. Feng Shui cacti and houseplants are believed to help us think straight and make good decisions. Dracaena draco houseplant can help prevent depression and anxiety, offering us feelings of stability.
Lemon tree
Lemon tree and bowstring hemp are extremely good for children as these plants are believed to stimulate curiosity and to consolidate the desire to learn new things. Lemon tree can increase the desire to work and to be autonomous whereas bowstring hemp can help us eliminate any tension.
white flowers
Yucca and ficus can help us face the challenges of our working environment and to meet our employer's expectations. Yucca can help us find strength in troubled times whereas ficus can help us develop our enthusiasm and the capacity to focus on a specific task.
Prayer plant and Poinsettia
The prayer plant (Maranta Leuconeura) and Poinsettia (or the Christmas Star) can stir up our senses and help us find guidance, and help those who lost their way or meaning of life get back on their feet and regain self-confidence.
Orchids and Papyrus
Orchids and papyrus can divert our attention from personal problems and help us find spiritual purposes in life. They can be very inspiring and encourage our creativity, and help us overcome depressions.
But after all, it's not necessary to believe in these Feng Shui concepts in order to understand that houseplants have indeed the power to make us feel better even by the simple act of enjoying the sight of something beautiful. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." (John Keats)
Houseplants On Wood
Houseplants In Pot
Houseplants In Pot