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Casablanca Lily Meaning - Of Happiness and Celebrations

Casablanca Lily Meaning
As per the general symbolism of flowers, the meaning of Casablanca lilies is celebration. There is no wonder that pure white Casablanca lilies are used in nearly all special occasions.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Casablanca lilies along with many other beautiful blooms belong to the lily family. Developed as a hybrid of the oriental lilies, they are well-known for their magnificent blooms and irresistible fragrance. When maintained under favorable growth conditions required for the variety, a fully opened Casablanca bloom measures to about 10 inch in diameter.
Speaking about the appearance of Casablanca lilies, they resemble the shape of a trumpet. There are six white petals, each of which is lined with tiny dots at the centerline. At the center of the lily, bright red stamens spring out that create a unique color pattern. Provided that you select the bigger blooms, only 3 - 4 flowers are required to make a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece for any special occasion. Regarding the plant, it grows to about 4 feet in height.
Mention some of the popularly used elegant wedding flowers and you just can't ignore Casablanca blooms. They are very common in the floral industry and florist centers. If you order Casablanca lilies, the florist will deliver them when they are still in the bud stage. In a stem, there are 3 or more blooms. Allow the flowering twigs to stand erect in a spacious vase. Maintain the container in a cool and dark place, and your lilies will open within 1 - 2 days. Misting the petals will give that fresh look to these white lilies.
For flower lovers, reading through the language of flowers is something very interesting. Imagine if you get to know 'what is the meaning of a Casablanca lily' or 'what does that fragile daisy flower denotes', you will have the privilege to send such beautiful blooms in appropriate occasions. As far as the symbolic meaning of Casablanca lily is concerned, it reveals celebration. Unlike other flowers that are associated with more than one meanings, Casablanca is unique with a single accepted meaning.
Casablanca Lily Bulbs
Casablanca lilies are grown from bulbs and tubers. They are easy to grow and require moderate care level. Coming to the plantation site, areas that come under USDA hardiness zones 5 - 9 are suited for planting these lilies. You can grow the bulbs in warm sunlit areas and moist soil. For colder climatic conditions, a thick layered mulching is crucial to minimize damage to the roots. With correct growing tips, Casablanca lilies bloom from spring to late summer.
If you have a passion for gardening, do not miss the chance of enjoying beautiful Casablanca lilies in your flower garden. The intoxicating fragrance in the garden will also catch the attention of passerby. What else would you ask for; you can cut the flowers and decorate your room by placing them in an attractive vase. This way, your rooms will be filled with the sweet aroma of Casablanca blooms. Or else, cut the stalks at a uniform length and arrange them to make a beautiful Casablanca lily bouquet.
In case, you are planning to announce your wedding, you can do so in a personalized way by carving Casablanca lilies in the card. As you already know the meaning of Casablanca lily, you can also gift this pure white bloom to send a celebration message to your relatives, friends, and special ones. And believe me, your loved ones will appreciate your bouquet as a priceless gift.
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