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Best Weed Killer

Weeds are the annoying plant growths for a lawn or garden. They disrupt normal growth of other plants and feed on all the soil nutrients.
Medha Godbole Feb 20, 2019
The beauty of a garden can be spoiled due to weeds. The concern is how to remove and stop them from spreading. There are many products that can help to stop their growth. However, with your favorite plants growing almost beside these, one usually hesitates before spraying chemicals on the particular patch. Let us see the details on how to get rid of weeds.

Synthetic or Chemical Based Weed Killers

These mostly come in the form of a spray. A popular one is Round up. With Glyphosate isoproplymine salt as the active ingredient for killing the weed, this product is effective. However, it has to be used very carefully and correctly.
The second thing is that such type of killers cannot be expected to distinguish between weed and plants. So they can eliminate your plants as well. A foam or stream setting is available for this product for usage. Another one that is available` is Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer. This product is also used as a spray.


This is said to be the best option to kill weed. The good part about them is that they can be selective as well. These herbicides prevent the weed seeds from growing, in the dormant stage itself.
However, the disadvantage is that they would not be effective once the weed starts growing. This is because they are pre-emergent herbicides. The post emergent herbicides can be used once the weeds start growing, but then they have to be used when the weeds are still growing and not when they are dry.

Natural Weed Killers

These are undoubtedly the best weed killers for lawns. They are vinegar, salt solution, boiling water, dish washing liquid, and detergent. Further, you can use vinegar to kill weeds. Using this is economical as well as environment friendly as it does not harm the soil in any way.
Care should be taken that you use them with discretion as they tend to be non-selective. They will get rid of everything in their way, along with the weed. You can also think of adding sugar or molasses to the weeds. That will increase the level of micro organisms in the soil, killing weed in turn.
Apart from these there are a number of weed killers in the market. You can know about them through reviews available on the internet. A very important thing to remember is to use gloves and other safety gear, when you are using them.
To know which is the best weed killer for lawns, you must have a basic knowledge about the weed patterns. For instance, there are 3 types of weed, annual, biennial, or perennial. It is best for you to study the growth of the weed properly before taking any action.
Finally, if none of these seem to work, the best killers would be your hands. Just pull them out and get rid of them. This requires more physical effort but the pulled out weed can be left to decompose and re-used as a manure for your plants.