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Best Fertilizers for Grass

Best Fertilizers for Grass

A plush green carpet of grass is pleasing. But it sure takes some nutritional feedings for the same. Feeding it with the best fertilizers for grass is one way to ensure a rich green pasture. Below are some of the best options to consider.
Dhanashree Patane
Grass is a species of plant that is taken for granted. Most of us know it is just a kind of plant that will grow, just because it is supposed to grow and be there on the land. Seldom will you find grass lovers. Oh yes, I do agree, you love your lawn, but you love it for the green and fresh look of a carpet that adds beauty to your home and landscape but not the plant that you fall in love with. Bitter, but true. So, for the love of grass, that has for years been adding beauty and serene views, get them feeding with some nutrients, that will give you even better benefits. It is not the quality and variety of grass that will give you good or bad pastures. Grass may be different in color and size too, but it will be grass in the end and no matter what, one cannot blame the variety and type of grass for scarce and improper growth, that spoils the look of your lawn. For those who thought grass need not have fertilizers, start fertilizing them, and for those who love their grass and are taking care of it with regular feedings, here are some of the best fertilizer brands, that will give greener and healthier lawns.

Best Grass Fertilizers for Lawns

We now know that fertilization of the lawn is important but, what kind of fertilizer is best for grass? Is it natural and organic fertilizers or the synthetic ones that work the best. Well, the opinion in this case is that most of the time the requirement for fertilizer will depend on many factors, like the type of grass, weather, soil conditions, etc. It also depends if you have been cultivating the grass for the first time, or if you have cultivated grass or other plants in that soil before. Choose the correct fertilizer for the grass, distribute it evenly and in correct quantity and during the right time of the year. These make the basics of fertilizing grass, or for that matter, any plant.

➲ A major ingredient of the fertilizer should be nitrogen. This compound is responsible for the production of chlorophyll in the plants, that gives it the green color. When choosing this, make sure you get a slow releasing fertilizer, this will prevent the burning of the grass, as excess of nitrogen can burn the plant. The recommended dosage for nitrogen is 1 pound per 1000 square feet of soil. The contents are written in a numeric code on the bag. The first number is the nitrogen content, the next two are potassium followed by phosphorous.

➲ Choosing organic fertilizers for grass is a safe way to fertilize it, you will have a lesser chance of burning the grass, but these may be ineffective in the cold weather as they need microbes to break down in the soil. In case of synthetic fertilizers, the amount of nitrogen is high, whereas organic fertilizers will have a very low amount, so again you will need to load the grass with lots of organic fertilizer, compared to a synthetic fertilizer. There is not an extremely strong point on choosing natural fertilizers for lawn grass over chemical or synthetic fertilizer. As long as the grass gets adequate amount of nutrients, it will grow. The grass will not be able to distinguish between chemical or organic fertilizers. Nutrients are all that will be absorbed, irrespective of the source. A balance of the nutrients will give you the best fertilizer for grass.

➲ Choose the right type of fertilizer, like granular or liquid. The right amount of it is also very important. According to the contents on the bag, follow the recommendations and dosage. You can also get some help from a local fertilizer store or nursery, for the best fertilizer for a particular type and pattern of grass.

Best Grass Fertilizer Brands

Some of the best picks among the consumers are:
  • Scotts Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder - It fertilizes the grass along with taking care of the weeds. This makes one of the best fertilizers for grass during the spring and early spring season.
  • Milogranite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer - For those who believe in all natural treatments for grass, this is your pick for the best fertilizer. It protects the grass from burning while being an Eco friendly option.
  • Planet Naturals Natural Lawn Fertilizer - This fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer, so the nitrogen release will be adequate and balanced. This is available in granular form, this again gives you scope for even distribution of the fertilizer.
It is not possible to get a fertilizer that is all purpose, that takes care of all types of grass and soil too, so while choosing the best, a lot of elements need to be considered. Make sure you discuss all the options with an expert. This will help not only for the immediate stages of grass, but will help a lot in the long term plans for a greener and fuller pasture of healthy grass.