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Best Deck Sealer

Best Deck Sealer

If you are looking for a deck sealer, this write-up will help you out. Have a look...
Medha Godbole
Wooden finishing and woodwork is generally sturdy. However, it has to be meticulously taken care of. Wood is extensively used in a residential construction and set-ups―decks, patios, flooring, and many more. Out of these, decks and patios are the most vulnerable to maximum wear and tear. That is obvious, considering the weather changes that take place and impact the wood.

Here comes the need for something to be done to keep it in good shape for the longest time possible. Thanks to deck sealers and stains, though, wood can be kept in the best possible manner, protected from the vagaries of the weather. But then the issue of which is the best, pops up. Useful information that follows, regarding the different types and brands in the market, will help make your choice easier.

Types of Sealers

The ideal sealer will depend on several factors. The expanse of your deck, type of wood, base of the sealer, and so on. Let's take a look at the sealers for protection, first.

Water Based
Water based sealers have an ease of use, and these are getting quite popular these days. The problem with water based sealers is durability. They peal as a result of a film which is formed on the surface, post application.

Oil Based
Oil based sealers may either be available for coating or penetrating. In a few cases, there can be a combination of both. Oil sealers are good for covering minor irregularities on the wooden surface.

Other types have the criteria of which material or substance they resist. There are ultra violet resistant, water resistant, and epoxy, which protect the deck from losing its color and get unsightly. Consider the wood, environmental factors, and your lifestyle, before making a choice.

Best Brands

Endura Deck
This is a solid color acrylic floor coating. Its acrylic makeup gives this coating a great sheen and reasonable color retention quality. Its adhesion properties are good, provided the surfaces are prepared. This deck sealer lets the wood breathe and all these things seem to make this a good pick.

One Time
Try out One Time non film-forming wood protector in case your decking wood is 2 feet or less, off the ground. Color will be needed perhaps every 4-5 years. It offers the longest lasting, easy maintenance protection. Wood is protected effectively from moisture and fungal damage with this sealer.

Behr Premium Sealer
Some of the experts claim that Behr has a collections of best deck stains and sealers. Although there is a contention about how good is it, people still use it. It offers reasonable durability, although the color department is flawed.

For Sikkens Dek Finish to work well, the deck will need to have good ventilation and has to be minimum two feet off the ground. Please make sure that the boards have to be sealed on the underside. A look almost as good as furniture can be achieved on wood surfaces which are prepared well. It enhances the grain and color of the wood very well. A maintenance coat is necessary about every 3 years if it is exposed to full sun.

There are a number of other deck sealers in the market in addition to these. The best is not necessarily the one which belongs to a well-known brand. The best coating or permeating sealer is the one which is reasonably durable and protects the wood of deck.