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Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Are you one of those pool owners who dread the very idea of cleaning the pool and making the water look sparkling? Well, not any more will you dread the idea, since the answer to this problem is the automatic pool cleaner. Read on to know more about the same.
Divya Bichu
Having a pool in your home comes with a huge responsibility of keeping it clean. I call it a "huge responsibility" as it is not an easy task. For you to enjoy your swim in the pool to the fullest, it is important to keep it clean. Like the main purpose of the pool is to enjoy the water and freshening up in it. To serve the above purpose, the tiles of the pool have to be clean, the water has to be sparkling and clear, and of course the surrounding environment too. To swim in an unclean pool can be unhealthy and unhygienic. Keeping your pool well maintained ensures its long life, helps prevent bacterial growth, and delays needed repairs. With a lot of cleaning options available in the market, this task is now made easy.
You will find everything from a basic vacuum cleaner to a swimming pool automatic cleaner. This is not all. The robotic pool cleaners are the new, in thing. They have an internal microchip that performs their movements. They move around your pool either on a set programmed pattern or some logic, which helps them sense the size and shape of the pool. They cover nearly every inch and corner of the pool. These cleaners will never disappoint you with the cleaning work, and perform a completely satisfying job. With such brilliant technology involved, it ought to be costly, and yes it is! But robotic pool cleaners are an effective and simple way to get the pool cleaned. Hence, not a bad investment at all. Listed below are a few reviews for your benefit.
Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews and Comparisons
Aquabot Turbo T4
Aquabot is a very trusted and a well-known brand when it comes to robotic pool cleaner reviews. Moreover, this particular product is the most powerful and effective pool cleaner around. Aquabot Turbo T4 is worth considering to keep any pool clean, and that too with minimal effort.

  • Four-way remote control
  • Auto shut off
  • Self-contained reusable 19-quart capacity filter
  • Filter removes all debris and algae down to two microns
  • All-weather resistant
  • Best buy- $1600
Hayward Phantom Turbo
The Hayward Phantom Turbo is relatively less expensive, considering that it is a robotic pool cleaner and a prefect solution to get rid of the dreaded pool cleaning task. It not only cleans the bottom of the pool but also skims at the surface of the pool to clean it well.

  • Faster cleaning, approximately 2 hours
  • Larger debris pickup
  • No frequent bag cleaning
  • Automatic pool cleaner to skim the pool surface
  • Larger suction inlet
  • Best buy- $800
Polaris 3900
The Polaris 3900 comes in with enhanced technology and great power. It has a larger storage capacity to accumulate the debris, and hence, reduces the frequency of cleaning its bag. This automatic pool cleaner is sure to offer great efficiency and convenience as regards to your pool cleaning activity.

  • Internal filter canister
  • Pool bottom, steps, walls and surface cleaning ability
  • Designed for all pool sizes and shapes
  • 5-liter capacity filter bag with a twist-release connector
  • Best buy- $1200
EcoJet Plus
The EcoJet Plus is a prefect combination of sound engineering and powerful pool cleaning. If you want to live worry-free about your pool maintenance, then this is definitely something you must consider. What is amazing is, its fast cleaning capacity; it claims to complete pool cleaning of any kind in approximately 1 hour.

  • 19 quart filter capacity
  • Easy pool cleaning just at the touch of a button
  • 2 years full warranty
  • Automatically shuts off when done with the cleaning work
  • Filtration capacity being 5600 gallons per hour
  • All weather resistant device
  • Best buy- $900
Kreepy Krauly Classic
It is simple, reliable and comes from one of the most popular pool equipment company "Pentair". If you are looking for a durable, yet lesser priced pool cleaner, then Kreepy Krauly Classic is the one. This product slides across the pool floor cleaning and dispersing chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. The best part being there are no bags that need to be emptied, no wheels to jam, no gears to break, and there are no submerged electrical cords. It is a simple device offering reliable satisfactory service.

  • Long, dependable service
  • Dive float directional guidance system which cleans the complete pool from top to bottom
  • 2 year full warranty
  • It follows a random pattern of cleaning which helps to eliminate missed spots
  • Best buy- $500
Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned above may vary according to location and offers available.
Invest in one of the best suited automatic pool cleaners for your swimming pool from the above reviews, and do away with all that pool cleaning fuss. Sit back and relax while the robots accomplish the boring job for you.