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Ways to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Smita Pandit Jan 6, 2019
Moles are small mammals that belong to the Talpidae family. This write-up provides a few effective methods of mole control that can be followed to get rid of them.
Moles are small, furry mammals that live underground. These belong to the Talpidae family. When they burrow underground, they create uneven patches on the surface. You need to restrict their activity, otherwise these small creatures will leave the entire area looking very unclean and messy.
As they burrow in search of grub and earthworms, they leave trails of grass or dirt, which is pushed up in mounds. If you notice several such trails in your yard, it might indicate their presence. To prevent them from damaging your yard or lawn further, you need to think about effective mole control methods.

Getting Rid of Moles

Eliminate their Food Source

The fact that there is continuous mole activity indicates, that they are getting enough food from your yard. So, you could adopt the strategy of eliminating their food source. You could use a lawn pesticide to get rid of insects and earthworms. If they don't find food, they will move to other places.


One of the most effective methods would be to use a mousetrap. Make sure that you use gloves while setting the trap. Moles can easily recognize the human smell.
If you touch the trap with bare hands, they will know that it has been handled by a human, and they will stay away from it. It is also important that you place the trap near the place where there is continuous activity.
If you don't know which mole hills are active, you could stomp over all the mounds. On the next day, check the yard for hills that are pushed up again. These will be the active mole hills. You need to set the trap in these areas. If you are not keen on using a trap, then you can also dig them out using a shovel.

Other Remedies

Water the yard and then spray castor oil generously over the entire area and water the area again. Moles will experience an itching sensation due to castor oil and that will drive them away.
You could also put moth balls in the tunnels to get rid of the moles. You can also use diatomaceous earth powder. Put 2-3 tablespoons of diatomaceous powder into the active hills. The moles will be forced to leave your yard, as this powder will irritate their claws and nose.
Human hair can also be used to get rid of them. It is believed that these mammals don't like the smell of human hair and therefore, human hair will act as an effective repellent.
You can also plant skunk lilies or garlic on each side of your yard. The strong smell of these plants will also force them to leave your yard. If you have a cat at home, you could also put cat litter on the mole hills. When the moles sense the presence of their enemy, they will certainly leave your yard.
These were some ways to get rid of moles in your yard. If you see mole hills in your yard, just follow the aforementioned methods to get rid of these mammals.