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Wrought Iron Trellis to Beautify Your Garden

Parul Solanki Oct 6, 2018
A wrought iron trellis adds beauty and elegance to your gardens, along with sturdy support to vines and plants. Know more about adding a touch of romance to your garden, with these trellises.
Adding a beautiful mystique and a sense of 'old world' charm to your gardens, wrought iron trellises provide a stunning backdrop for your flowers and vines.
An elegant trellis, with unique renaissance design and solid construction, leaves a lasting imprint on the landscape of your font yard. Used widely as outdoor garden accessories, these trellises add a touch of elegance to your front porch, deck, or entryway.
If you want to add a contemporary or a classic look to your gardens, you can pick and choose from the stunning range of designs and styles available, to create dazzling focal points in your garden.
There are a host of designs available, from delicate geometric patterns, to organic shapes such as leaves and flowers, or other imaginative designs. And what's more? They look great against any backdrop, be it a brick wall or a wooden exterior wall.
The trellis works beautifully against almost all exterior walls, providing visual interest and symmetry, while supporting your favorite climbing plants such as roses, bougainvillea, or honeysuckle vines.
While trellises are ideally used to divide your garden into specific niches and areas, lending a vertical effect to the garden, they also help in elevating the beauty of certain plants to a wider perspective, for all to enjoy. Based on its use, there are some basic types.

Types of Wrought Iron Trellis

There are many types of trellises, with different shapes and sizes to select from. While the larger ones include the single and multiple panel types and are more suited for your front and backyards, the smaller trellises are designed for planted pots.
The larger panel types are either used as folding screens to create a section such as a sitting area or to block off an ungainly view. The single panel type is usually placed against a wall or as an attractive backdrop for garden benches.
Smaller wrought iron trellises are used for planters or vases, to support potted plants, giving a decorative touch. While choosing the trellis, remember to take your landscape design into consideration. If you have other wrought iron garden furniture or garden structures such as arbors and gazebos, then choose a design that goes in sync with them.
There are a number of motifs and styles to choose from, be it trellises with square or diagonal openwork patterns, or having decorative tops such as scroll shapes or metal motifs of a sun, flowers, or birds. Although the majority of them are black in color, you can custom order iron trellises, painted white, blue, and even green.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Trellis

While making a great addition to your outdoor space, these trellises have the advantage of strength and durability also. Since trellises are mostly used outdoors and are constantly exposed to the natural elements like rain and sun, they need to be durable to withstand these pressures in the long run. Wrought iron is naturally designed for the tougher times.
The commercially pure iron with a low amount of carbon makes it tough and malleable. They are powder coated to help them withstand the rough weather. Although a little expensive as compared to its wooden or plastic counterparts, these trellises are not something you would end up spending money on, year after year.
The malleability is also advantageous in shaping the trellis to form specific shapes and forms. It can be easily hammered, welded, and etched upon to create distinct and unique structures. This makes it a suitable choice as a material for trellises to be used in landscape designs of parks, homes, or commercial establishments.
So what are you waiting for? Draw more attention to your green thumb, by showcasing your brightest blooms and canvassing your floral masterpiece on a solid wrought iron trellis.