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All You Wanted to Know About Wrought Iron Fencing

Poushali Ganguly Sep 24, 2018
If you have queries about wrought iron fencing, you can read ahead to get answers of some basic questions.
Wrought iron fencing was the standard option for high-end; decorative fencing till the time other substitutes like vinyl fencing and chain link fencing did not arrive. It is not cheap per se and there is not any way to avoid the price.
Still, if you are interested, this type of fencing offers a lot of benefits that are enough for you to find it worthwhile. It needs less maintenance than most of the other fencing options and the best part is that it has a much longer lifetime than most of the counterparts that it has.


The Essex Fence Panel style

This style has detailed scrollwork and round point finials that make it look like a fence to the royal palace.

The Concord Fence Panel

It features rings, horizontal bars, frame members and round spear point finials.

The Concord Deluxe

This style features consecutive rings, horizontal frames, dog pickets and round spear point finials. These are very similar to the Concord Driveway Gates.

The Arche

Almost all the wrought iron gates have this kind of fencing to match with. The characteristic of this style is the round spear point finial that makes it look quite aristocratic.

Pool Fence

This style has simple pickets that are placed at regular space intervals and has a smooth rail on top of it.

How secure is Wrought Iron Fencing?

This is one of the most secure fencing available. It is very difficult to break through or jump across a tall wrought iron fence, having sharp cap posts. It would be difficult to climb over it at the first place. Nowadays we have many issues related to the security of our properties so it is better to consider it when fencing your house.
Wrought iron does not provide much privacy in the true sense. It is not one among the privacy fencing. Mostly it is installed at a distance from the house, which ensures you a scope to beautify the surroundings of your house, and also gives extra security. Most of the people thus combine brick fencing and wrought iron fencing to get the desired privacy.

How to Install Wrought Iron Fencing

The first step is to decide if this is the right kind of fencing for you property since it is better to fence a large property with a wrought iron fence and not a small one and it suits especially the old Victorian kind of architecture. To make the fence look more beautiful, get an appropriate wrought iron gate as well.
The next most important thing is to obtain a permit from your local zone inspector, which you get only when you ensure that your iron gate would not fall over, and harm people or property. So make sure that your wrought iron gate after it is installed is secure in the concrete.
Then you must decide on how much and what kind of material you want, you also have to decide where and how you want the fence. The materials would commonly include the iron rods, the horizontal connectors and any other thing that is required depending on the type of fencing you choose to get around your property. Also get the gate that you want.
Do follow the zoning instructions that would also define the kind of materials you need like the masonry, drilling equipment, cinder blocks and the like.
So now you can install the fence. This is not a do-it-yourself activity so do get professionals to do it.