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Wrought Iron Fence Designs

Wrought Iron Fence Designs

Experience the beauty, elegance and charm of different wrought iron fence designs, by using some of the tips mentioned here.
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The elegance that comes with the use of wrought iron fencing can only be viewed when you use it to protect your landscape, and give it an aesthetic appeal. Serving a dual purpose and giving you the best of both is what a wrought iron fence can do for a landscape. Not only can you use it around your landscape, you can even use it in the landscape to create a focal point and a lasting visual effect. For this, we bring you some tips on creating wrought iron fence designs that you can incorporate into your garden area.

Design Ideas

Wrought iron has the ability to be molded into a beautiful ornamental element for your landscape, and as mentioned earlier, it can add the much-needed or lacking visual appeal to your garden or yard. Among the various types of garden fencing, wrought iron is definitely a great choice, especially if you are one of those who prefers traditional forms of landscape design and architecture. Take a look at some ways of creating some wrought iron fence designs with these tips.
  • You may use a fence made of wrought iron to frame the exterior of your house, and for the purpose of additional security. The use of wrought iron for a fence also depends on the kind of house you have. Usually, a Victorian style house will give this fence its deserved style and appeal. With modern architecture, the various this type of fence may not gel too well, though it is not completely impossible to use a combination of both.
  • Use a wrought iron fence to create a pathway from the gate to your front door. Used in combination with flower beds, or creepers growing on the fence, these will also add an ornate look and line your landscape well. Add in some brick pillars or Victorian columns to give a break from the continuous fencing, and this will give it a more formal and elegant look.
  • Use a wrought iron gate along with the fence for the perfect finishing touch.
  • As a feature within garden fencing, a wrought iron fence can be used to highlight certain areas. For instance, if you have a water feature, cordon it off with a low-height fence, say 3 feet, for added charm.
  • Another way to use this fence within your landscape design, is to highlight a particular patch with it. Cordon off your tomato plant, or a particular flower bed, or a group of flower beds with the fence. If possible, place a few chairs around it and make it a complete focal point.
  • Finally, if you want to create a seating arrangement in your garden, you could probably first create a deck, and then use a wrought iron fence to outline it. It will separate, yet keep you connected with the landscape. Moreover, this seating need not be only in a corner. You can in fact create it right in the center of your garden so that you are able to connect with every patch of the landscape.
  • When you use a wrought iron fence just for aesthetics, the choice of patterns increases. In fact, you will be spoiled for choice, but will definitely be able to choose one that you think will go along with the rest of your exterior.
  • If you need to use a fence made of wrought iron for your backyard, keep in mind that its height should range between 6-8 feet. This is for the purpose of security along with its aesthetic value. Usually, wrought iron fences for this purpose have spikes at their edges. If your backyard is the outdoor space where you unwind, then these fences will keep you protected and add the necessary interesting aspect to your backyard.
  • If you wish to, you can add a gate at the back too, which will also allow access to your backyard when necessary.
The grandness associated with a wrought iron fence is difficult to overlook. When used in combination with other landscaping accessories and elements, such as brick pillars or decorative columns, the combination will provide the ultimate visual appeal to the exterior of, perhaps, your dream home.
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