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Exploring How to Make Worm Tea And the Benefits of Using It

Smita Pandit Apr 2, 2019
Worm tea is a liquid fertilizer that is made by soaking worm castings in water. You can either purchase it or make it on your own. This write-up provides some information about this fertilizer.
Worm tea, which is also known as worm castings tea or compost tea, is a natural liquid fertilizer that is used to promote the growth of plants. It replenishes the soil with nutrients and also protects the plants from several plant diseases. It is basically worm casting in liquid form.
Castings are produced when worms break down the organic matter in the soil. You could also call it worm manure or worm humus. Worm castings can also be harvested in order to produce this natural fertilizer for replenishing the soil in farms or gardens.
These castings are present in the worm beds. When water is made to run through these castings, it picks up several nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. The process of harvesting worm castings is known as vermicomposting.
Worm castings are odorless, which is why, it can be used for indoor and outdoor plants. You could either purchase it from an organic supplier or make it on your own.

How to Make Compost Tea

For making this tea, you will need a large bin or the worm compost bin. This should have a drainage spout and holes for aeration. At the bottom of the bin would be a collection tray that contains the worms. Soak about a handful of worm castings in 5 liters of warm water.
Let it soak for a couple of days. Add a tablespoon of molasses to it for promoting the growth of microorganisms. You could also feed organic material such as grocery waste, fruits and vegetable rinds, or tea bags to the compost worms.
It is advisable to add rainwater. The water must not contain chlorine, as chlorine would destroy the bacteria. You should also oxygenate or aerate the tea by blowing air through it. This is also done to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. You could use an air pump to oxygenate the mixture. You can use this tea after a couple of days.

Benefits of Using Compost Tea

This is an all-natural fertilizer that can surely increase the plant size and yield. Mucus or bio-slime produced by the microbes also helps in water retention. It can make the soil very fertile. This liquid fertilizer is safe to use, as it does not burn plants.
It also acts like a fungicide and can prevent plant diseases. It can protect the plants from mites, aphids, scale, and white flies. This is an environment-friendly method which replenishes the soil with the much-needed nutrients.
So, use this environment-friendly, all-natural liquid fertilizer to replenish the soil and enhance the growth of your plants.