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Features of a Wooden Privacy Fence You Need to Know Now

Wooden Privacy Fence
There are many types of fences that can used to protect or enclose an area. A wooden privacy fence is one such type that can be used to surround houses and gardens.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Aug 1, 2018
The history of solid wooden fences can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece, when the armies of both the nations started building fortifications with the help of wooden designs. These were known as palisades. This concept led to the development of solid wooden fences that we see today.
Boundary wall
The modern privacy fence, a descendant of palisade, has seen considerable change, and evolved into effective designs we can use for privacy and protection. The first non-military use of this fencing was for gardens and orchards where the nobility usually kept deer hunted as sport.
Wood Fence
There is no proper archaeological evidence found regarding the origin of the wooden fence that we use today. One of its oldest use was to protect farms during the Iron age, and evidence of it was found in Leksand, Sweden.
This type was built by erecting two vertical poles in the ground, and by tying a series of wooden poles to them, horizontally. It cannot be classified as a 'privacy' fence, as the inside view is not at all obstructed. It was basically used to enclose farms and animals.
The first proper model that we use today was used for fortification during the Second Macedonian War by the Romans. This fencing was made of sturdy wood and was short, but sturdy, and resembled the design of a complete wall.
Its specialty was that the thick poles of wood were directly driven into the ground and were secured with anchors. Their advantage was that it was impossible to destroy them or pull them down.
Plan: A privacy fence must be built for protection and not for style. Thus, it should have a good thickness, and a height of at least 6 feet. It must also have enough anchoring and reinforcement.
Wooden Garden Fence
Columns: It is also necessary to have strong and thick columns placed at equal intervals within the enclosure for the purpose of enforcement.
White Fence
Wood: It must be built with the help of extremely strong and sturdy wood variety. It is better to use any variety of white wood.
Mature Couple Painting Fence
Paint, Polish, and Waterproofing: It is bound to be weathered by many weathering agents, hence a sturdy and strong waterproofing formula and paint are required to safeguard the wood.
Privacy Wooden Fence
Enforcing: The last feature is enforcing of the posts with the help of metal brackets.
New Fence With Wave Design
To build a privacy fence, you can either appoint somebody for the task or you can use a 'do it yourself kit'. The total cost is calculated on the basis of length. Thus, the bigger the area you want to enclose, the more expensive it would be.
There are several different wooden privacy models and designs to select from. It is best to select the sturdiest and thickest, as it lasts longer. In spite of the longevity of the wood, you will need to take care of the fence by keeping it clean and free from moss and mold.