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Wooden Fence Designs That Lend a Rustic Look to Your Garden

Wooden Fence Designs
Wooden fences add beauty to a garden and are looked beyond the basic function of protection. Wooden picket fences are one of the most popular wooden fence designs.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Beautiful outdoor d├ęcor for lawns and gardens lend an aesthetic look to any home. Gardens are places where one can relax and connect with nature. Beautiful gardens provide a welcome relief from the daily hustle and bustle. But a garden cannot be complete without a fence.

A fence is used to demarcate the particular area from other land areas around the house. Besides a garden or border fence also keeps a garden private and safe. There are different types of garden fences and materials that can be used to make such a space feel secure.

Wooden fences are amongst the most preferred kinds especially for quaint cottages. Before you opt for any wooden fence design, there are certain points to be kept in mind.
Choosing a Wooden Fence Design
Your choice of the wooden fence design should depend upon these particular factors:

- Architectural style of the house
- Function or purpose
- Budget
- Size or total area to be covered
Wooden Fence Designs
Wood is the popular choice for fencing. It is a versatile material and can be designed in different ways. Wood is also cost-effective and relatively low on maintenance. Wooden fences can be made from different types of wood as per the requirement. Cedar is quite in demand because of its many benefits. This wood is rot-resistant. Apart from cedar, there are many who prefer redwood due to the color. Besides, staining is something one does not have to worry about in case of redwood.
Split-rail Fences
Split rail fence
Split rail fence
Houses that are seen in a beautiful countryside make use of split-rail wood fences. These add a feeling of privacy but have a beautiful, rustic look. Such fences are characteristic because of the rugged posts used in the design. Often, one can see beautifully styled ranch houses that are surrounded by such wooden fences. Corral fence is also a type of split-rail fence, the only difference being that it has a polished look rather that a rustic one. These are quite inexpensive and are mostly used for huge properties like farms. The open design does not block the breeze and at the same time, protects the grounds and animals.
Wooden Picket Fences
White picket fence
White picket fence
Wooden picket fences have a beauty of their own! Flat wooden planks which are known as pickets are hammered into the ground a little apart from each other and are then wound together with fence posts. This is a simple yet effective design. Mostly these fences are colored in white, however, they can be given any appealing color to match the look of the house. This type of fencing suits cottages with beautiful flowering gardens, but can be used for any type of houses as these fences are very versatile and come in different styles and themes.
Antique Fences
Earthenware pot on antique fence
Wheel and log antique fence
Another option for an innovative fence design is the antique fence style. Here, the overall look is rather antique and the wood may even be a little worn out! The whole design can be planned with the help of antique objects to hold the entire design together. These are quite rare and are mostly used for the purpose of giving the house a look of antiquity. They are meant to accentuate and agree with the overall decor of the house exteriors. Antique fences must be chosen carefully as a wrong pick may ruin your aim.
Privacy Fences
Wooden paling privacy fence
Wooden privacy fence gate
Privacy fences are designed for areas that need specific security or protection. Log fences block off contact from the street or neighborhood. This design can be easily dismantled and transported with much ease. This wooden fence can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Shadow box fence is another option that one can go for. Instead of vertical boards placed side by side, boards are placed facing each other alternately on alternate sides. This keeps outsiders from peeping inside, and at the same time makes way for the breeze to pass through.
Lattice Wooden Fences
Lattice Wooden fence
Lattice Wooden window fence
Lattice wooden fences prove to be very useful for any garden. These help to cover any faults in the outdoor area. Lattice wooden fences may not score high on the beauty element but have a basic function to serve. They are quite easy to install and are low on maintenance. Therefore, if you want a do-it-yourself project, this kind of fence is the best option. You just need to visit a home improvement store, buy the lattice panels, and nail them at the ends (mostly in a crisscross fashion) in any pattern of your liking. Lattice fence is the best way of showing-off your beautiful garden to onlookers.
Ornamental Wooden Fences
Fence decorated with birdhouses
Fence easter decoration
Ornamental wooden fences are specifically designed for modern homes. These are designed to add more beauty to the garden. Wooden ornamental fence designs can be executed as per individual requirements. However, ornamental designs offer less security from the passersby. These are therefore, meant for beauty and elegance. The look of a regular fence can also be accentuated by adding some decorations like hanging wreaths or directing a vine or a beautiful creeper on the fence. You can also add letter-boxes, bird houses, glow-in-the-dark stickers, artificial flowers and birds, lights, metallic hangings or anything that looks good on the fence.
The best part about wood fencing is its easy availability, its cost-effectiveness and the elegance that it adds with its simplicity. However, a few drawbacks must also be kept in mind while going for wood fences. Let us look into the details.
- Wood fencing can fit into any budget and one is not required to compromise on quality and design.
- Wood is so versatile that one can come up with any pattern, design or look that suits the requirements.
- Installation is also pretty simple job. You can ask your friends or family members to give a hand and your fence is ready.
- The creative souls can put all his ideas into action, when it comes to wood fences. Wooden flower boxes, wreaths, murals, lights, you just name it. Anything and everything goes well with wood.
- You can also play with colors. Hand and footprints are a very good idea. You can also pick up a few old paint boxes and paint each plank in a different color.
- However, with all these good things, wood fences come with a small disadvantage. They are fragile and need maintenance. Wood fences need to be painted on a regular basis. All wood types are not rot-resistant and therefore snow and frost can damage your fence.
- Also, they are not as strong as metallic or stone fences and therefore for proper protection, wood is a complete no-no.
Stockade fence, solid board fence, log wood fence and hybrid wood fence are some of the other fencing options in wood. One can also go for customized wooden fences or come up with his own idea of a unique wooden fence. Despite the kind of options available for fencing, wooden fencing has its own beauty that cannot be replaced. Complement a beautiful garden with these ideas for wooden fence designs and be ready for the jealous looks of your neighbors.
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