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Wood Patio Furniture

Neil Valentine D'Silva Feb 12, 2019
A great choice for patio furnishing is mostly wood. The dignity you get with it is not the same as the most artistic metal patterns. Read about the designs, wood types and maintenance ahead.
Wood has always remained the discerning person's choice when it comes to furniture. Right from the most ancient of relics till the most modernistic designs available all over the world today, wood has definitely made a very strong impact.
It easily takes whatever shape is given to it and remains quite firm, despite the kind of pressure that is put on it. It can also come in a variety of forms and colors. This is certainly a medium that has everything both the furniture maker and owner might fantasize about.

Designs and Types

There are many different kinds of wood that can be used for making patio furniture. Types like yew, redwood, rosewood, mahogany, and ebony, have distinctive colors of their own. It is delightful to work with these different colors and churn out highly individualistic patterns.
Today, furniture is made of many types of wood, blended with metals and glass to add to their look. There are chairs with metal frames, but only the seats, armrests and the backrests are wooden pieces. We have coffee tables with highly designed legs, but a glass top.
Of late, wood is not just used by itself as a medium for making furniture, but it is also being creatively blended with other materials to come up with daring shapes.

Teakwood Furnishings

The best kind of wood that can be used is definitely teak. Wood patio furniture has to suffer the elements, and teak withstands the test very nicely.
It is naturally resistant to sunlight, so your tables and chairs have a very less chance of chipping and splintering in dry hot summers, if it is made of teak. It has natural silica (the same material sand is made of), due to which it is more resistant to water. The common problems of wood rot and wood swelling that water can cause do not happen with teak.
It is also resistant to fungal attacks, so you can rest assured that it will not look ungainly when the rains are over. It also have the rare property of being resistant to fire. Due to the physical, chemical, and biological tenacity, it is the number one choice for making patio furniture, though it is one of the most expensive types of hardwoods around.


Once you get wooden furniture, you need to take precautions. It is the costliest, and you need to keep it looking good for long. Based on the region you live, you need to provide it a touch of gloss often.
Varnish makes the wood look shinier, and it also helps to protect it from the natural elements. Sunlight can destroy the polish quickly enough; so it makes good sense to have your furniture polished when it begins to look jaded. This will make it look as good as new.
You can even use paint. Some of the paints have all the features that you would require - they are waterproof, heat-resistant, and even termite-resistant. In addition, if you paint your furniture often, you are giving a whole new look to the area.
The best investment you could make with your wood patio furniture is in covers. They are full-length synthetic material covers that can drape your items completely. You get them in standard sizes, or you could have them custom-made.
You will also get a choice of colors. The basic intention is to keep your wood protected from sunlight and water, two of the most destructive elements for wood.
As a final word, it definitely makes the biggest aesthetic statement to have wood as the medium for your patio furniture. It is the thing The Joneses could become envious of. With care on your part, you can ensure sharing a long healthy relationship with your precious wood patio furniture.