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Different Designs for Wood Fence Panels

Pragya T Jun 18, 2019
Do you wish to install wooden fencing around your home? Then, here are the various fence designs and types which you can consider.
Wooden fencing gives a beautiful, traditional look to the house, besides, there are many choices among wood fence panels designs and material. So, it all depends for what purpose and which design of the fence you like.
You can pick a simple privacy wood fence design that provides good covering and privacy for your yard, or you can pick spaced picket fencing and display the beautiful garden you have. There are many choices for you to consider from. Here are the materials used for making wooden fencing, and some of the fence design used.

Panel Material Types

Pressure Treated

These are very affordable wooden fences. In this type of fence the lumber is pressure treated and has chemicals added under pressure, which makes it resistant to elements.
These kinds of panels come with a greenish color, which over the time turns gray, if not treated with sealer or stain.


Redwood looks beautiful as border fence and is naturally resistant to insects, also the compounds present in redwood help to fight mildew. Redwood wood fencing need not be stained, because it is popular for its natural color.
You can instead use oil or shellac coating to increase the life of these wooden fencing. Installing fence panels, using redwood is very easy and great if you are a DIY enthusiast.


These are one of the most popular choices when it come to wooden fences. It has a visual appeal and is rot and insect resistant.
You can go with the Northern White Cedar which has a yellow color or go with the popular Western Red Cedar which gives the panels a red color. These kinds of fences need occasional maintenance.

Panel Designs

Solid Flat Top Dog Ear Panel Design

This wood panel design is common among solid board wood fence. It helps to control noise, provide visual barrier and mark boundary. These fences are five feet or higher and are used to protect pets and children.
They are also used in commercial applications as screens to help control access to restricted private areas. If you find these kinds of fence designs a little dull, but still want privacy, then consider solid panels with lattice design on top.

Composite Shadowbox Wood Fence

If you are looking for privacy fence panels, then composite fences are a good choice. They come in different designs. Shadowbox composite panels create a great-looking frame for gardens.
These fence rails are spaced such that they allow air to flow through the fence, but block the vision. The fence provides little protection from wind flowing through the large yards, as the wind passes over the fence. These make good choice for large open areas, as the designs which can come in boards, slats, or lattice help to block wind into light breeze.

Spaced Picket

These are considered old world designs, which are used for front and side yards. These colonial fence panels can be smooth, rounded, or displayed naturally rough rounded sides of the log.
You can assemble the boards or install using panels. Picket fence styles have a great visual appeal and you can install this fencing in your front yard or backyard.
So, according to your purpose first pick a fence panel design. Go with solid dog ear panel design, if you want total privacy to cover up unattractive or private places like a swimming pool. If you want privacy but still want some air passing through the panels, then shadowbox composite wood fence is a good choice.
If you want a fence for decorative purposes and to contain children and pets then spaced picket are a good choice. Once you are done picking the design of the fencing panels, pick up a material which looks most practical or visually appealing to you. So, use these tips and enjoy your privacy with a wooden fence around your property.