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Design Ideas for Wooden Fence Gates

Elegant, Stylish, And Stunning Design Ideas for Wooden Fence Gates

Wooden gates for fences add a charm to your home that no other type could ever do. Read ahead to know their various designs.
Komal Bakhru
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018
Dirty wooden fence
Unsure about options available when searching for the perfect wooden fence gate for your home? Don't be. There's a lot to choose from these days. From ready-to-buy wooden gates to the customized ones, you name it, and you can have it.
There's no denying that most often the fence or gate is the first thing your family and friends see when they're visiting, thus, making you more innovative or sometimes even fussy when choosing its designs. It's evident, that a well designed fence would increase the aesthetic value of your house.
Elegance takes over your yard with the addition of a lovely wooden fence gate. Needless to say, when picking a design, make sure you know exactly what you want or you could land up spending way more than intended, along with being totally unsatisfied with the end result.
Fancier the design, the more you pay, and the more you pay, the more you expect. So, start with being sure about what you're looking for.
The Designs
These gates provide you with an advantage that other materials may not. Apart from their easy availability, they also allow you to achieve a plethora of looks that could work well in accordance with your home. Here are a few options you could choose from.
The Pretty Picket Fence
White Picket Fence
If simple arrangement is what you like, then this is what you should have. The classic white picket fence's look is one you could never go wrong with. Its adorable design is what epitomizes the perfect home and family and the life in Eden.
Sturdy Ranch Inspired Gate
Gates and Driveway of a Country Mansion
If the picket fence look isn't for you, here's a suggestion. You could go with sturdy gates that look like they're ranch inspired. Albeit basic and possibly a little raw for some, they'd give your home a different look and feel.
Elegant and Ornate
Ornate Thai Wood Carving Thailand
If simple designs don't satiate your needs, and grandeur is what defines you, then grandeur it is indeed. Ornate gates are definitely the way to go! With so many options before you, it definitely won't be a decision you'd regret.
Beautiful carvings and accessories would be a fine idea to work with. Intricacy is the key if you want to attain this look and create a sophisticated air around your home.
Once you've achieved the look you were going for, there's also that privacy factor which needs to be kept in mind. It helps you to draw a line to distinguish your territory from the rest. Again, there are no limitations regarding what you can choose from.
Whether it is semi-privacy or absolute privacy that you seek, you have a bunch of styles to choose from. Once the style's been decided upon, the next step is implementation, but don't forget to check with your local authorities before getting started. Upon completion of the formalities, building a privacy fence wouldn't be a task for you.
Small Fenced City Back Yard
As versatile as wood may be, at times it could prove to be of high maintenance. You wouldn't want all the hard work involved in building that beautiful gate to go in waste. Here's what you can do. Make sure you start with using quality materials.
White Fence
The kind of wood you use makes all the difference. Also, ensure that all the other hardware used is of good quality. Essentially start with these two items because, they're going to be exposed to everything, right from the sun to rain and to the snow. It has to be all weather resilient.