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Wood Deck Protection

Medha Godbole Nov 26, 2018
A deck is a perfect place for chilling out, having a party, or a get-together. Majority of homeowners prefer the wooden ones for classy or vintage look. This write-up provides simple steps for deck care and maintenance.
Outdoor decks can drastically change the look of mundane backyards or homes without courtyards. Apart from giving a different and interesting dimension to your home, decks are fantastic for small get-together or lazing around in the open.
Amongst types or material of decks, wooden decks are the most popular in the US. They are mostly made of cedar, redwood, or pressurized pine. These can accentuate the beauty of your home, care needs to be taken to maintain their beauty and durability.


Protection of these decks is essential to preserve their natural beauty. For this, an appropriate product and method of applying it, is of utmost importance. These two combined with a few other tips for protection will ensure that they are free of problems.
  • First of all, a thorough cleaning will be required before you apply anything like a sealant or decking stain.
  • Use a good and reliable wood care product.
  • Using a hand pump sprayer, spray the substrate on the surface of the deck.
  • The cleaning agent has to settle down for a few minutes. Let it settle  for 20 minutes and then rinse with the help of a garden hose or a power blower.
  • If there are tough stains, a stiff brush can be of help. You have to be very careful while cleaning, as wooden furniture is prone to degeneration and can attract insects (specially mites), which can ruin it.
Once the initial cleaning is done, let it stay for 3-5 days before applying a decking stain on the surface. Choose a stain for adding color and maintaining the natural grain of the deck. A decking stain with a UV protection is a good option to save the material from the sun. Basically, if there is less pigmentation in the stain, the UV protection is low.
Decking stains are mainly of 3 types: clears, solid color acrylic, and solid color oil-based. These give a fairly good UV protection, the only difference being, the last two offer options in colors. Clears last for a short period than the other two, and need reapplication every 6 to 12 months, whereas the other two need to be reapplied every 2 to 3 years.
Using teak wood is a great way to ensure that your deck does not encounter any problems at all. Teak is a natural sealant and wood protector on account of its oil.
Once you have chosen the product, apply the finishing touches. Follow the instructions on the decking stain and apply the coats. Some of the products need only one coat, but the solid colors may require priming or multiple coats.
For better outcome and guaranteed protection, consider if the season is good for applying sealants and stains. Ideally, it should be applied between May and October. The last thing is to avoid stepping on the deck for at least 2 days after you apply the stain or sealant, to ensure good quality protection.