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Outstandingly Creative Window Box Ideas With Pictures

Window Box Ideas
Window boxes are great ideas to make the house look beautiful and inviting. What more?! You can even plant some herbs in your window boxes, and enjoy them to make great dishes. Here are some window box ideas and a picture gallery, that will help you get started on this container gardening project.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
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For those who don't have space to do gardening, window boxes are great ideas of container gardening. Window boxes make the house look bright, cheerful and inviting. Many beautiful window box treatments can be seen in rural, suburban and urban regions. 
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No matter where you live, you can bring beauty to your house with some simple ideas of window box. There is no limit to window boxes and you can practically use any type of container and various types of plants like small green plants, flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, vines, even cactus.
So, it all depends upon what look you are going for. Here are some ideas on creating window boxes that will help you to choose window box containers and plants.
Ideas on Window Box
Choosing Container
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For window boxes various types of containers are used. To get an idea on these containers simply go to a home improvement store near you. This will help you to understand the various materials used to make containers.
Also, you will get an idea on the pricing and how sturdy various types of containers are. If you like any of the containers you can buy them for your window box project. But, if you are a DIY enthusiast then you can make them yourself too.
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Generally, the window box is 5-7 inches wide, and around 8 inches deep. It can be as long as the window or whatever length you think is practical. The materials used for containers can be wrought iron, wood, ceramic, fiberglass, plastic, or anything you think is good enough and will hold.
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If you are going for a window box which has a wired structure then you might consider buying a liner too. These are quite inexpensive and available in many colors. But consider going with neutral colors like brown, white, or black. As neutral colors go with almost all kinds of plants.
Choosing & Arranging Plants
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Once you are done with your container shopping you will need to put your pots in them and fix them. Make sure you fix them in a way that they can remain sturdy and carry the weight of the plants and pots.
If you want you can also attach trellis to them in case you are growing vines. Keep distance between trellis and window boxes of minimum 10 inches, so that the plants don't touch the wall and cause rotting.
There are so many window box recipes to choose from that it can get quite confusing. The key is to select small plants which are suitable for potting. You can buy these plants in nurseries. Check the label on the plant to see if they are appropriate for container gardening. If you are not sure then ask people at nursery to get more information.
There are many combinations of plants which go well. However, flowering plants are the most popular when it comes to window boxes, as flowers make the house look more happy and inviting. To add a touch of color to the house consider flowering plants.
There are many flowering plants to choose from. You can consider geraniums, petunias, superbells, sunsatia cranberry, lemon symphony, sopranos, etc.
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If you want you can also consider planting herbs, vegetables and edible flower plants like basil, parsley, marjoram, tomatoes, chillies, pansy, grapes, etc. So, choose the best plants for window boxes and make great combinations of plants for beautiful window box treatments.
These were some practical tips and ideas on setting up window boxes. Once you have set up your window boxes you will need to take care of them. To do this keep watering the plants regularly, however avoid over watering, as it can lead to rotting of the plant roots. Make sure you provide an organic fertilizer once or twice a month.
You will also need to keep any eye on pest infestations. To make your window boxes look neat, you will need to wash or wipe the window box container once a week too. So, take care of the window box treatments and they will bring beauty and brightness to your house for years. Bonne chance!