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Windmill Palm Tree Care

Windmill Palm Tree Care
The windmill palm is one of the most beautiful trees that one can have. Let us see the different aspects related to it, and points to keep in mind for its quality maintenance.
Mubasherin Sayed
Windmill palm trees can survive in extremely cold conditions without severe damage. However, it is necessary to take some precautions for their healthy growth. Also known as Chinese or Chusan Fan Palms, they are widely used for tropical landscaping and gardening. They are very easy to maintain, as they survive in any weather condition, accept any form of soil, and rarely get infected with diseases.
Tips for Windmill Palm Tree Care
Anyone can afford to keep this versatile species of palm, as it does not need extra care, unlike other delicate trees and plants. It can also be kept indoors in pots.
It is necessary to provide adequate amount of water to these trees. However, it is not good to drench the plant completely with water, which might lead to root rot. You have to water the plant according to its requirements. Pour half a bucket of water in the root area, and check if the area appears to be dry or moist. If the area still appears to be dry, then pour the other half as well. You can water the plant again after some time, giving a considerable gap in between (several hours). If you live in a desert or a dry area, you can water the plant twice a week.
Windmill palm needs partial sunlight. It can survive if kept directly under the sun, but grows the best in partial sunlight. It cannot receive adequate amount of moisture in direct sunlight, which is an important requirement. Hence, it should be kept in areas which receive the least amount of sunlight.
Soil Condition
Windmill palm care includes the aspect of proper soil conditions and the right ways to plant it. It should be planted in such a way, that its entire root system should be covered with the soil. For this, one should dig the soil twice the size of its root ball. After planting the tree, the surface should be covered with soil mixed with sand. You can also make a split for drainage purpose.
The windmill palms need a wide variety of nutrients, which are lost due to excessively drained soil. You need to purchase the right kind of fertilizers for this purpose, which are specifically available in the market for these trees. Follow the instructions mentioned on the packets.
Winter Care
It is true that this palm tree can survive in extremely cold conditions, but it is advised to take good care of it during cold climates. Extremely cold weather can harm its tissues, affecting the growth of the roots, and making it prone to diseases. To avoid this, wrap the tree trunk in a gunny bag, and put straws of hay on the root area so that it gets completely covered. This will protect your tree during winter, and also prevent it from getting infected by any disease. However, the gunny bag and hay should be removed immediately post winter.
Following these tips for taking effective care of the windmill palm tree shall suffice. You won't have to do anything more than this. Thus, you can reap the benefits of its beauty effortlessly. So, plant some in your house, garden, or near the poolside, for some exotic landscaping.
Chinese windmill palm