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White Flowering Bushes to Beautify Your Garden

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Dec 5, 2018
Beautiful white flowering bushes complement any type of garden. Excellent white flowering shrubs for a home garden are deutzia, rose of sharon, camellia, gardenia, hydrangea, and gray dogwood.
Flowering shrubs form a major part of any landscaping project. Growing to a height of about 20 feet or less, they demarcate the garden components and are planted to mark the borders. But, the challenging part is selecting plant varieties and/or flower colors.
Growing white flowering bushes add an elegant touch to any flower garden. You can create a color pattern to your yard by planting them with other flowering shrubs that produce vibrant color blooms.
While selecting white shrubs and bushes, check the growth requirements of cultivars. A plus point with planting flowering bushes is that they fill up the garden without any empty space. You don't need to replace them each year for regular blooms. Follow basic plant care tips for their proper growth and flowering.

Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls

Deutzia chardonnay pearls or simply deutzia are spring blooming, fragrant flowering bushes. The leaves are large and lime green in color; while the flower buds resemble white pearls.
Best grown in USDA zones 5-9, you can plant these flowering plants along with tall perennial flowers. Or else, grow them in groups with other vibrant colored flowering shrubs.

Rose of Sharon Bushes

Do not go by the name, as these large bushes are not true roses, but they resemble hibiscus. They are highly appreciated by gardeners all across the globe. You can opt for the dwarf version (5-8 feet) or the tall cultivar (about 10 feet).
Provide well-drained soil and full sun for production of plentiful blooms. These deciduous flowering plants are best grown in zones 5-9.

April Snow Camellia

You will get many varieties of camellia that produce white blooms. This white flowering bush is best adapted in zones 6-9 and bear fragrant blooms in spring. Extremely tolerant to cold temperatures, you can plant April snow camellia at any time of the year.
The blooms are showy, some of the varieties measuring about 3 inches in diameter. Similar to other camellia cultivars, this white blooming variety is easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance.

Dwarf Radicans Gardenia

If you like the scent of gardenia flowers, be sure to plant dwarf radicans gardenia bushes in your garden. Though the height is not much, these small bushes will not disappoint you.
These gardenia cultivars are drought tolerant and grow well in almost all types of soil - clay, sandy, loamy, or a mixture of them. As per your convenience, you can grow them in garden soil or containers.

Mophead Hydrangea

With large showy flower heads appearing in summer months, the mophead hydrangea is a must to have flowering plant for gardening enthusiasts. It is best suited in zones 4-9.
The leaves are large, dark green and leathery, which again add to the beauty of this flowering shrub. What's more, the flower heads have a long shelf life and you will get to enjoy hydrangea flowers throughout the summer season.

Gray Dogwood

Interested in growing spring white flowering bushes and shrubs, gray dogwood or dogwood gray twig is an excellent choice. Its maximum height is 12 feet and the spread is nearly same as the height. At maturity, small white flowers are borne in clusters.
In the natural habitat, gray dogwood is found growing lavishly in moist and damp conditions. In short, it is hardy in terms of soil condition and moisture levels (preferably zones 2-8).
Select the bushes carefully and make your garden a beautiful landscape. Grow the selected plants and take care of them, while making a note the basic growth requirements. In the cold months, you can trim the plants to maintain height and shape.
By pruning the bushes, you are also reducing disease and pest infestations. So, apply your gardening skills and appreciate the lovely white blooms in your garden.