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Which is Better - Above Ground Pool or Inground Pool

Above Ground Pool or Inground Pool - Which is Better?

Many home owners cannot make a choice between above ground and in ground pools. In this article we have compared the two depending upon their merits and demerits.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Buying a pool is an expensive business, hence you must be well informed about the various options available to you, so that you can choose the best one. For outdoor swimming pools, you have two options, above ground pools and inground pools. Both these options have their own merits and demerits. In this article, we have taken an overview of both these pool options and also compared them against several parameters.

Above Ground Pools Vs Inground Pools: Which is Better

Above ground pools as the name suggests are constructed above the ground level. These are essentially small backyard pools, ideal for relaxation rather than swimming. On the other hand, inground pools are constructed by digging deeper into earth. Given below are a few points of comparison between the two.

Above ground pools come in a kit, and need to be assembled on site. Companies that sell these pools may or may not do installation. These pools are a temporary structure, hence can be done away with when not in use. Inground pools need heavy construction work, which includes digging earth, adjusting elevation, laying waterlines, etc. This is a permanent structure that can last for a very long time.

Water Requirement
Above ground pools are usually smaller in size and capacity, hence their water requirement is much lesser than inground pools. The water requirement of inground pools varies as per their size. However, as these pools are usually larger in size, they demand more water.

Above ground pools, being smaller in size, are most apt for homes that do not have a lot of free space in their yards. These pools are smaller, hence can easily fit into the yard of any average sized home. Inground pools are feasible only on large, sprawling properties. These pools take too much of space, which may be a concern for smaller, urban homes.

Height/ Depth
Above ground swimming pools are uniform in height. They mostly come in a standard height of 4 ft. Inground pools on the other hand can be constructed at any depth. Besides, you can also construct them in varying depth, with different deep and shallow areas. This allows even kids to enjoy in a pool. Kids cannot be allowed inside an above ground pool due to its height.

Both these pool options offer numerous design plans. There are some truly interesting above ground pool deck plans that can add beauty to your backyard. However, the versatility of inground pool designs is simply incomparable. You can choose to have them in any design and shape. You can construct it to resemble a natural pond, or you can have a diving board at one end and a spa tub at the other.

Above ground pool is easier to maintain given its smaller size. Besides, you can easily dissemble it during harsh weather or when not in use. Inground pool may demand regular maintenance, due to its size and position. However, if you keep it covered when not in use, you will have to deal with fewer maintenance issues. Besides, the inground pool covers can also help maintain an ambient temperature.

Above ground pools are undoubtedly the most inexpensive of the two. You can find them starting from $500, up to $3000. The cost of constructing an inground pool is several times that of above ground pool. The cost may shoot up if you are required to do any structural changes.

Thus, above ground pool can be a great option for homes with smaller backyards. Inground pools can add to the beauty of sprawling homes in regions where temperature is fairly even for most of the year.
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