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25 Weird Plants on Earth

Mother Nature has her own ways of baffling us with her creations, which is evident from everything that is strange, unusual. Let's read about some weird plants.
Vrinda Varnekar Jun 23, 2019

Dare To Step In?

The Alnwick Garden in England has a section popularly known as the Poison Garden which is largely dedicated to some of the weirdest plant life on earth, especially to plants that have murderous tendencies (carnivore plants, we just spiced it up a bit!).
We've always been told to never judge a book by its cover. Or to always remember that appearances are deceptive. While it may not be true in some cases, we beg to differ when it comes to some offbeat members of the plant world. There are some really weird looking and eccentric plants all around the world which most of us didn't even know about.
These plants range from tall trees to mushrooms to tiny fungi and really leave you wondering just what in the world Mother Nature was up to when she decided to make them the way she did. At the same time, there are some plants with gorgeous looks, but are very dangerous to animals and humans.
Some of these plants may be bizarre-looking but are really interesting otherwise. And again, some are really as creepy as they look. Some might look spectacular but might be really harmful. We'll let you decide for yourself. Without further ado, we present to you some weird plants on earth.

* The plants are listed in no particular order.

Doll's Eye/White Baneberry

Yep, it's got creepiness seeping from the name itself.
The Doll's eye gives off the appearance of eyeballs tied together on blood-stained stalks. Also, these 'eyes' are extremely poisonous. We can only imagine what the person who first discovered this plant must have felt.

Buddha's Hand

We have no idea why it is called Buddha's hand in particular, but this plant produces a citrus fruit that resembles a human hand with fingers. Go figure.

Cedar-Apple Rust Fungus

This is actually a fungal infection affecting cedar and apple trees, making them produce yucky-looking blobs.

Black Bat Flower

We've heard of Batman and the Batmobile, but here cometh the bat flower.
This flowering plant produces black-colored flowers that resemble a bat. On it, are these whiskers-like things too, which give it a creepier look.

Octopus Stinkhorn

No, we aren't making the name up! Octopus Stinkhorn is a type of fungi, with a putrid smell and a foul taste. It is largely found in Australia.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

This is closely related to the Corpse Lily, and is sometimes also known as Corpse Flower. This too, smells like rotting flesh. It is popular for producing the world's largest single flower.

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Also known as Tree Tumbo, this is one of the strangest-looking plants in the world and is mainly found in the deserts of Namibia. Not only is it strange-looking, but it also weirdly has only two leaves and a very short trunk.

Silver Torch Cactus

This is a totally offbeat kind of cactus, very different from what we're used to seeing.
It resembles wool (yes) and produces red flowers which bloom horizontally. It is partial towards extremely cold conditions and can withstand temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius. Pretty cool, eh?

Witches' Butter

This might sound scary in a cute way, but it looks far from anything remotely cute.
Also called Golden Jelly or Yellow Brain fungus, this gelatin like substance is found on dead branches. Although the name is attributed to witches, this fungus is considered edible.

Pom Pom Mushroom

If you've seen what cheerleaders use, you know what pom-poms are.
This mushroom looks very extraordinary, and can grow branches too. Also called Lion's Mane and a host of other funny names, it is actually quite edible and popular for fighting some physiological problems.

Dragon's Blood Tree

This tree looks very cool, as you'll see from the picture we've provided.
We find its weirdness in the color of its sap, which is deep-red and supposedly looks like dragon blood. The dragon's blood tree is supposed to be very useful, according to ancient cultures.

Cape Sundew

This is one of the more intelligent carnivorous plants, so to speak, as well as a popular garden plant.
It has pretty-looking tentacles that secrete a substance that traps insects. Once the prey is trapped, the plant somewhat wraps its leaves around the insect and kills it, within a period of 30 minutes.

Strangler Fig

Strangler figs are not any one particular kind of tree, but are many different members belonging to the Ficus genus. True to its name, a strangler fig wraps itself around another tree as it grows, eventually killing it by strangling or suffocating. This way, it conveniently avoids the fight for light and nutrients.

Venus Flytrap

Possibly, most of us have at least heard about the venus flytrap, and how it is a carnivorous plant. It's one of the quickest and smartest carnivorous plants since it traps insects within 20 seconds in its jaw-like trap, that also prevents the insect from escaping once it's caught.

Monkey Cup/Nepenthes

Yes, the monkey cup has been observed to act as a drinking cup for monkeys.
However, aside from being a drinking buddy to our monkey friends, it is a carnivorous plant that can even eat rats, as also lizards, worms, and other small creatures. Now that is something we didn't know!

Skunk Cabbage

Apart from the horrible smell that accompanies this plant, it is also very dangerous to animals and humans if ingested. Though it looks pretty, it is known to cause severe burning of the mouth and throat, difficulty in swallowing, and even death, if wrongly consumed.

Giant Hogweed

Touch this plant if you want painful bumps on your skin, and almost assured blindness upon touching your eyes after that. Yes, this truly is a horrifying plant that is known to cause trouble through simple skin contact alone. The worst part is, it grows easily, almost anywhere.


Though this pretty flowering plant looks very innocent and lovely, the truth is that it is very toxic, and may cause severe illness or even death in humans and animals after consumption. In a not-so-severe scenario, it causes rashes on the skin. Yes, this is weird because of its killer looks. (Excuse the pun!)

Angel Trumpet

Contrary to its name, the Angel Trumpet is far from angelic in its nature, though it looks dazzling and is a popular garden plant. However, consumption of any part of this plant is known to cause hallucinations and amnesia, to name a few effects. Robbers have been known to make use of this plant in their tasks. Angel trumpet? It suits the Devil better.

Bleeding Tooth Fungus

We just cannot finish this list without mentioning the Bleeding Tooth Fungus!
Though it is perceived to look like a bleeding tooth, we think it looks more like a swollen marshmallow with red jam oozing out. Ugh, we're kidding! But looks like Mother Nature was not.


Undoubtedly one of the most shy plants in the world. How, you ask? It closes its leaves the moment it is touched as well as at night. It is believed that this plant closes its leaves to conserve water and to avoid being visible to grazing animals.

Corpse Lily

With an unfortunate name like this, there's not much chance of the plant being very fortunate itself. It emits a putrid smell like that of rotting flesh, thus rightly earning its title.

Death Camas

A cousin of the harmless Camas that dots the countryside, the Death Camas looks a little different, and is extremely dangerous to humans and animals both. Though it produces bulbs that are almost identical to onions, consumption of anything belonging to the plant proves fatal.

Living Rocks

Wait, isn't this supposed to be about plants and not rocks? But apparently, Living Rocks are a genus of plants, and a pretty cool one, at that. Like the mimosa closes its leaves to avoid being eaten, these have the appearance of rocks. Didn't we say they were cool? (Weird IS cool, don't forget.)

Chinese Fleeceflower

This plant totally wins the crown for the weirdest plant! It is supposedly very useful in traditional Chinese medicines, but it has roots that resemble a little man. Yes, that's right. We don't know what to say to that, Mommy Nature. You've truly dumbfounded us, forever.
So that was our list of the top 25 weird plants on earth! There's no fix criteria for weird, as is evident from all the plants we've mentioned here. We'll let you decide which one you feel is the strangest. However, we've got to admit, however weird we think these plants are, the Creator was really thinking out of the box when He made these, wasn't He?