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Weeping Cherry Tree Pruning

Weeping Cherry Tree Pruning
Pruning is an important aspect when growing weeping cherry trees. These trees are gorgeous and a must in any landscaping plan. Learning to prune these trees will help maintain a beautiful shape of the tree.
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Weeping cherry trees are native to Japan and also called Japanese cherry blossoms. They look most beautiful in spring, as they bloom with a lot of pretty light pink flowers. They grow better in warmer climatic conditions. Here are instructions that will help you to prune this tree...
Pruning Instructions
When pruning a weeping cherry tree, it is important that you maintain its natural shape which is similar to an umbrella. Ensure that you do not trim it into a mushroom shape. Also, it is important that you maintain the graft union at 5 inches above the ground and remove the excess stem growths. Keep these two things in mind, and pruning will be an easy job.
Step 1 - Find Out The Pruning Time
The appropriate time for trimming a weeping cherry is in the beginning of autumn or late in the summer. This is the time, when the tree has finished most of its growth, and the possibility of sap dripping is little. Pruning weeping cherry tree in winters is a big NO, as there is an increased possibility of diseases like silver leaf disease.
Step 2 - Using the Right Tools
Always, start trimming the tree from the bottom and trim in small portions. Use sharp shears and remove the unwanted twigs or branches. It is a better idea to trim the branches when they are young and slender. Also trim out the damaged and diseased branches, and between each cut of the diseased branch rub some alcohol.
Step 3 - Trimming The Unnecessary Branches
The weeping cherry tree develops straight branches from the trunk, which can be used to graft new trees. However, they are bad for the tree's health. Prune out these new branches, which are also called 'suckers', as they drain food and water required by the leaves and flowers.
Step 4 - Pruning For The Right Shape
The leaves and blossom of the weeping cherry tree is appealing to many people, when they are trailing on the ground, if you wish to get more blossom or leaves at the end of the branches trim carefully at the tips of large branches. Avoid pruning the branches near the trunk, or this might result in the growth of unwanted straight branches (suckers).
Follow these important tips for better pruning of the tree.
  • Always, prune the diseased branches immediately to protect the tree from further harm.
  • For preventing any tree problems, do not add any diseased branches to the compost pile and prune the tree in the right season.
  • Plant a weeping cherry in your landscape design on a backdrop of green trees, so that is stand outs nicely.
  • Use a lot of mulch around the trees of weeping cherry, so that the mower won't run on it and also the hanging branches will look beautiful.
  • If you think pruning a weeping cherry tree is a lot of work, opt for snow fountain weeping cherry tree as this variety doesn't need much pruning just removal of the diseased and damaged branches.
If you are planning to plant a weeping cherry tree, do it in the early spring and make sure there is ample free space around it. Also, dig a big hole and plant the tree graft in a permeable container, so that the roots are least hindered. As these trees grow they have around a 30 feet circumference, so make sure there is ample free space around the graft. Pruning and maintaining this tree is a bit time-consuming, but you will be rewarded in the spring time, when the tree blossoms into beautiful white-pink flowers.
Weeping Cherry Tree
Yellow and green leaves of silver birch.