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Truly Creative Ways to Increase Privacy in Your Backyard

Ways to Increase Privacy in your Backyard
Looking for ways to make your backyard a cozy retreat, away from external disturbances and the prying eyes of neighbors? Here's how to increase the privacy of your backyard.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2018
Creativity is the key!
Beautiful Backyard
Talking about ways to increase privacy in your backyard, a fence is not the only solution! All you need is a bit of creativity to come up with different ideas.
Backyard Rink
You love your backyard because here you spend lazy afternoons, reading or playing with your friends or siblings, and also the place where you may head to, after a tiring day at work. No wonder you would want your backyard to offer you the privacy you desire, keeping voyeuristic neighbors and disturbing noises at bay.
But what if it doesn't? What if the incessant barking of the neighbor's dog doesn't allow you to relax, or the prying eyes of people passing by your house, drives you nuts? Well, then you should work to increase the privacy in your backyard, and get to know how to go about it.
Cool Ideas to Increase the Privacy in Your Backyard
There are many different privacy solutions out there, and while some provide privacy from prying eyes, others are used to block unwanted noises. Here, we have some cool ideas for backyard privacy that you'll love. Have a look!
Hedges to Block the View
hedging in garden
Here, we shall begin with the simplest solution in the book-growing hedges across the length and breadth of your backyard. Choose a hedge plant, such as privet, and plant small saplings a few inches apart.
Before you start planting, don't forget to dig the soil to a depth of 2 feet. Keep watering the plants deeply and frequently during the first year, and you'll be delighted to see the plants grow to form a thick fence. Don't forget that the plants need shearing for new shoots to emerge. You can also control the height of the hedge as per your needs.
Go for a Board Fence
Wooden Fence
A wooden board fence might be common, but that does not take away from its utility. Install one as in the image, and paint it white or any other color you fancy. This is ideal when you need a quick solution, or if you think you wouldn't have the time to maintain a hedge.
You can choose one in a desired height, but check with local building codes for any restrictions regarding the maximum height of fences you can install. However, these fences can have a drawback-they are not very aesthetic to look at. Use beautiful creepers and vines to add color and beauty to the stark look of the fence.
Planting a Few Trees
fence and plants
Planting trees not only offer privacy, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of a backyard. They need little or no maintenance. Get small to medium-sized trees that branch from the base, like Japanese maple, magnolia, birch, small palms, leyland cypress, bamboo.
Note that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on our planet, and you can effectively use the plant to create a "privacy screen" in a very short time! What's more, the shade of the trees would provide respite from the blazing hot sun, especially during the summer months.
Installing a Lattice Fence
vines over a fence
If you have a small backyard, installing a board fence can make your backyard appear smaller, and you can end up feeling claustrophobic. Here, a lattice fence can come to your rescue. As in the image, a lattice fence is a wooden fence with crisscross patterns on it.
Just install the fence along the edges of your backyard, or wherever you want to, and plant a few flowering creepers and twining plants, such as wisteria, honeysuckle, morning glory, etc., along its base. As the creepers grow along the fence, you'll have a beautiful screen of fresh flowers that will add to the beauty of your backyard.
Layered Plantings
garden with pond
Layered plantings are a great way to bring in an element of privacy, and at the same time, give a new look to your backyard. There are two ways for it. You can either choose to work with plants of varying heights, or, plant shrubs on raised beds.
Either way, you'll be successful in creating the effect of steps or layers, with the tallest plants in the outermost rows. When the plants grow, they will prove to be a beautiful addition to your backyard. Flowering plants add an interesting touch, so don't forget to include a few of them.
Potted Plants to Block the View
ornamental vases in garden
You can line up big and colorful pots in a row to screen a corner of your yard. Pick them in colors of your choice, and have attractive flowering plants in them. You can also plant shrubs or grass, depending on what appeals to you, or complements the theme of your backyard garden. The idea works well only for a small stretch of the yard, not entire space.
Create a Private Retreat
sitting area in the garden
Sometimes, having your private retreat in one corner can be more appealing than entire backyard surrounded by fences or trees. Create a canopy of bamboo shoots, and plant creepers and twining plants around.
When the creepers grow to cover the entire framework structure, you'll have your own gazebo, with its walls lined with beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers. Just look at the image. Can you have a better place than this, right in your backyard, to spend a few moments with that special someone?
Let a Fountain Cast its Spell
Garden Fountain
Has it occurred to you that the soothing musical sound of a fountain or a cascading stream can drown most of the disturbing sounds that bother you? Add to that the aesthetic appeal it can bring to your backyard, and a fountain or water stream is a must-have.
Choose one in a suitable size, and install it in the center of the backyard or at the cozy corner that we've just talked about. What's more, it can also calm your senses and elevate your mood, thus driving your blues away.
So, that was about some easy-to-do ways to make your backyard a more private space for you and your family.