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Water Feature Ideas

Amazing Water Feature Ideas for a Scenic And Relaxing Landscape

Adding a water feature to your garden or backyard will instantly change the entire look. There are many ways you could do this. Described ahead are some great ideas for installing a water feature in and outside your home.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018
Hawaiian Waterfall
Without water, there is no life or greenery in nature, and hence it is known to be one of the biggest assets in creating a beautiful sight.
In water gardening, interior decorating, and landscaping, many designers use a water feature to improve the visual appeal of the area and make it look as natural as possible. There are a number of ideas used in designing to make the sight more enjoyable and relaxing.
Design Ideas
You can add various water features inside or outside your house to improve the surroundings. Water has a very soothing effect, making it a favorite in interior designing as well as exterior landscaping.
A completely different effect is created when you combine water with green plants, flowers, or a lawn. Even the simplest and smallest of these combinations makes the surrounding visually appealing and attractive.
One of the most popular ideas is the use of fountains. They can be built using different materials, and can be made indoors as well as outdoors depending on the space and arrangement of the surroundings. They are one of the most effective and beautiful water features, as they can be altered according to the requirement of the house.
There are numerous fountain designs that can be incorporated in your garden or in the center of your living room (circular or quadrangular rooms). Garden fountains are also used to improve the aesthetic value. Some types of fountains are:
Wall fountain
✦ Wall fountains
Floor fountain
✦ Floor fountains
Tabletop fountain
✦ Tabletop fountains
Garden fountain
✦ Garden fountains
Waterfall in garden
They look brilliant falling from high cliffs on mountains, and a mini version would look perfect in a garden.
Waterfalls are technically a type of fountain because the way the water is processed underground is not like a natural waterfall, but is similar to an artificial fountain.
These homemade waterfalls can be paired with ponds and lagoons which look very natural. You could also add some fish for the effect of a real lagoon. The waterfalls used in gardening and landscaping don't need to be free falling and very big, they can be smaller in size and shallow.
Garden Ponds and Lakes
Garden Pond
If you don't have a very large space in your garden or backyard, there are always other small arrangements you can choose to make. You could incorporate small ponds which can be cleaned easily, and you can beautify them in whichever way you want.
Adding lotuses, water lilies, Koi fish, and other things to the water features will make them even more beautiful. If you have a large space, making it into a mini lake with some palms trees and rocks around the banks is a great idea; however, this will take a lot of time, money, and effort.
Incorporate some of these ideas in your backyard, and you can enjoy a relaxed evening with your loved ones in this beautiful paradise-like place.