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How To Get Rid of Wasp Nests in Trees

Puja Lalwani Jan 6, 2019
The development of wasp nests in the trees of your landscape can certainly be unnerving. Here are some simple methods of getting rid of them.
Wasp nests can be a big menace, especially when they keep growing larger and begin attacking you with wasp stings. While it is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which in any other part of nature may be wondrous, when a wasp nest begins to develop on a tree in your own garden or yard, it can become an annoying nuisance.
Fortunately, removing wasp nests from trees is relatively simpler unlike removing one from the house or underground, which may be slightly more difficult. Here, we bring to you some simple ways of doing so without much trouble. Take a look!

Some Remedies

Before you get down to the task of wasp nest removal, ensure that you are wearing protective clothing. This precautionary measure is essential to prevent the occurrence of a wasp sting. The most ideal outfit would be a suit worn by a beekeeper.
However, if you don't have access to one, wear a full sleeved shirt, gloves, a protective hat along with a veil, pants made of a thick material, and boots. Use a rubber band to secure your boots to your pant, to prevent any opening for a wasp to get in.
Once you have donned this protective gear, try to get an aid to help you remove the nest, as it is a tricky task that involves quick action. Then, follow these steps:
► The best time to undertake wasp nest removal is in early spring, before it gets large and continues building up. These nests are usually build in areas where wasps can find food, such as open garbage cans, compost pits, and even pet food.
► Keep your yard or garden clear of these to prevent the development of a wasp nest. If the nest has already begun to develop, undertake the task of eliminating it during the evening, after sunset, as wasps are generally inactive at that time.
► As you approach the nest, avoid additional movement and noise. You can resort to two methods of nest removal, i.e., either by the use of a wasp spray or by natural methods.
► If using a spray, spray the insecticide at the opening of the wasp nest and around it. Allow the nest to remain there for a day or two, to ensure that all wasps inside are dead. If this is the case, you will notice a lack of activity around the nest. Once done, remove the nest and discard it after tying it tight in a heavy duty trash bag.
► To remove the wasp nest naturally, get hold of a heavy duty plastic bag that is large enough to cover the nest. Place the bag over it and tug at it to remove it from the tree into the bag. This should be done in one quick action.
► Tie the bag tightly immediately. Immerse this bag in a bucket of water, after tying it to a large stone so that the bag remains completely immersed in the water. Cover the bucket with a lid, and leave it aside for a day or two. The wasps will eventually die after which you can discard the bag.
Now that you are aware of the fact that getting rid of wasp nests is so simple, why not undertake the task yourself rather than hiring a professional?
Also, if you think your garden naturally attracts wasps to build nests in the trees around, follow the aforementioned preventive measures, such as keeping your garden clean and free of scraps of food or garbage. These methods are sure to help you tackle this problem.