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Walkway Lighting

Mamta Mule Feb 13, 2019
Have you illuminated your walkway? Not yet! Well, walkway lighting is something that you can't miss out while decorating your exteriors. Here are some ideas on the same.
Walkways or paseos are commonly seen in private homes and commercial buildings. Those from your entrance till your house or those in your gardens, hotels, or any commercial areas, are the prime attraction. When you have a look at a long walkway, the paver designs catch your attention.
The beautiful looking pavers look even charming when they are rightly illuminated. Highlighting these walkways, which are installed in between the landscaping designs is a much essential part of your garden or backyard. Walkway lighting is important in making the path visible at night.
Apart from illuminating them, the lighting gives the entire section an elegant look, and amplify exterior beauty. So, if you have not added lighting to the paseos, it's time to get it done. Wondering about the options in outdoor lighting? Here are some ideas to help you have your paseo illuminated the best way.

Solar Lights

The solar fixtures are simplest paver lighting designs. If your walkway gets enough sunlight and is not covered with trees, get solar lights installed on poles at equal intervals. These do not need wiring and get charged by sunlight, and can be used in evenings.
You can choose from designer light fixtures available in various materials. Also, the poles on which these are installed, come in various patterns. You can pick from straight poles, curved poles, tall or short ones, as per your choice.

Path Lights

Path lights are usually installed on both sides, to illuminate entire paseo. While installing, the distance between them should not be too less, as it gives runway look! Pathway lights can be parallel or alternating patterns on each side, creating a designer effect.
The path lights are quite popularly used in landscape lighting. Path light fixtures come in various designs and sizes. If you are placing these at short intervals, go for small light fixtures, and add low voltage bulbs inside. Those in lovely designs and ultimate glass coverings add a designer dimension to your exteriors.

Paver Light Kits

Another idea is ready-made paver lighting kits. The outdoor fixtures of commercial finish are one of the best idea for an elegant look. They fit in the pavers like bricks and look classy. If you check the recessed lighting pictures, you will hit the stores asking for them.
With colorful and designer fixtures in recessed pattern, which stay at the ground level, you can turn the exteriors into a grand space. You can drive or walk on these without damaging. Mostly installed along the borders, you can also opt for fixtures that can span the area between two borders on the entire walkway.
These were ideas on the light fixtures for the walkway. Check the pictures and products in the market for illumination of the walkways. The market is filled with a variety of light fixtures. Pick the most suitable ones, and get them installed to spruce up walking on elegant illuminated walkway!