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Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Step-by-step Guide on Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Maintaining a vegetable garden is an easy and satisfying hobby. You can enjoy it by growing different seasonal greens. This article lists down a few tips for beginners interested in vegetable gardening including planning the layout, preparing the soil, and planting suitable and appropriate vegetables.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Gardening for vegetables at home is a relaxing-cum-useful hobby. You will not only be able to serve your family with fresh and juicy vegetables, but will also get a chance to spend quality time in your garden. Once you indulge in something like this, you will find that there is no other hobby which is as satisfying as gardening. Refer to the following steps for starting your own vegetable garden.
Plan the Vegetable Gardening Site
The first and foremost thing is to select the correct site for planting crops. All you need to know is that maximum vegetables (leafy, roots, fruits) require an abundant amount of sunlight for proper growth and development. Ensure that the area gets enough sunlight. A well-lit spot near the house is the best option.
Prepare Soil for Plantation
The next step is soil preparation. As soil is the most important medium for the growth of the vegetables, you need to loosen it with the correct garden tools (for better root development) first, remove weeds (that will compete with the crops), get rid of the stones or debris, expose it to the sun (for killing soil borne pathogens), and supplement it with farmyard compost.
Make Vegetable Rows
If the garden site is large, then you can divide it into several rows and beds. Use a rope to demarcate the rows with straight lines. If possible, plan the vegetable rows in the north-south direction for maximum light exposure of the plants. Following this, you can raise the plantation bed, leaving enough space (2-3 feet) between two rows. This space will help you in watering and getting adequate access to the beds for weed control and harvesting.
Select and Grow Vegetables
You may grow vegetables like tomato,cucumber, carrot, radish, beet, asparagus, squash, lettuce, etc. In case of a partially-shaded area, you should select vegetable varieties that can tolerate less sun and grow healthily. Consider growing culinary herbs in the perimeter of the vegetable rows. Or else, you can think of using containers for plantation of herbs.
Container Vegetable Gardening
Even if you do not have sufficient land to explore your gardening skills and grow vegetables of your choice, you can always plant culinary vegetables in pots and containers. Similar to regular gardens, container gardening includes using the apt-sized container with respect to the vegetable type, mixing potting soil, growing the crops, and timely harvesting. The only extra care with container gardening is that you need to water them at the right time with the correct amount of water.
Vegetable Gardening Chart
In case you face difficulties in growing the right type of vegetables for the current season, then you may consider referring to a gardening planner or chart. You will find such useful planners in horticultural centers that provide information regarding the variety of vegetable to be grown in a specific season, planting time, the amount of seeds to be sown, and the harvesting period.
Take care of the vegetables, with respect to watering, de-weeding, and adding fertilizers. With this information at hand, you can easily maintain a healthy garden. No doubt, you will have to be very careful and alert, and keep a watch over the vegetables and crops. But, the satisfaction you get after wandering in the garden, searching for mature crops, and enjoying fresh vegetables that taste fabulous is incomparable.
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