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Vegetable Garden Layout

Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas You'll Want to Take Away

Having an organized and well-planned vegetable garden does not only look good, but it is also very convenient during the harvest. Given further are some layouts that will help you organize your garden.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018
Vegetable gardens not only make your house look beautiful and homely, but they are very convenient. You can grow your favorite veggies, and save some money. Before you start to dig your garden to sow the seeds, you need to think of a suitable layout for it. Given here are plans you can use to select the right type of layout for your garden.
Traditional Rows
Traditional Rows Vegetable Garden
Traditional rows are the most commonly used style, as they fit well even in small spaces. Walking space is left free between each row, which gives you easy access to each plant.
Rows running from north-south are best to ensure that they get even sunlight. To add a trendy touch to this traditional layout, use curvy or zigzag rows instead of the conventional straight ones.
Kitchen Garden
Kitchen Vegetable Garden
This is the only traditional vegetable garden design which allows flowers and herbs to be planted together. You can have various design patterns in this style to give a beautiful look to the garden.
Usually it consists of plots of a geometrical designs patterns such as triangle, circle, square, etc. which is repeated throughout the area. Each plot will consist of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
Raised Bed
Raised Bed Vegetable Garden
The plants are grouped in different beds for well-organized gardening, and they are raised so that people in wheelchairs can access them easily. You can have decorative borders for the bed.
Soil compaction is reduced tremendously, as the raised platforms ensure that no one steps on the planted area. This design is apt if you have kids and pets in your family.
Container Gardening
Organic Lettuce
It is the best option if you plan to have your vegetable garden indoors. This greatly enhances the look of your home. The best thing about this layout is you can incorporate any of the discussed layouts in its design.
Vegetable farm
Compact varieties of vegetables are best for this type of gardening, and you can use buckets, wooden crates, boxes, baskets, etc. to add some creativity to the design.
Urban Farm
These were some ideas that you can opt for while planning the design of your garden. This will surely help you have a great looking space, perfectly utilized for gardening.