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16 Unusual But Adept Alternatives for Traditional Garden Planters

16 Unusual Alternatives for Traditional Garden Planters
With simple tricks, there is always scope to make things look creative, just like trying out different containers in place of traditional garden planters. This old bicycle welded with a large basket for flowers is one of the most creative flower pot alternatives.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Quick Tip!
Well Drained Planters
Make sure any garden planter has enough drainage to keep your plants healthy. Let the hole be at least half an inch wide for small- and medium-sized containers. If the excess water cannot flow out, the soil becomes too wet, causing the plant roots to rot.
Plastic Bottles
Easy to carve out and reuse as they make excellent horizontal or vertical hanging planters. You can also put any old plastic buckets or containers which are gathering dust due to a tiny hole or crack in them to use, as a garden planter.
Rain Boots
Got a pair of old shoes in the attic? Put them to good use by making planters out of them. These let your plants breathe well too. Or, try making your old pair of jeans into one.
Hand Bags
Old worn out handbags is another attractive flower pot alternative for your garden.
Cane Basket
Place them along your pathway, on a stand, or hang them up near the windows; the cane weave does magic everywhere.
Gardens get an unusually rustic look with plants potted in tires, more so when these are hung onto iron chains. Another option is to paint a few tires in different colors and place them in a cluster in a corner.
Mason Jars
Filling up soil in those simple-looking mason jars and planting your everyday herbs in them is definitely a striking alternative for a garden planter. Also, your trendy looking coffee mugs can replace the usual decorative flower pot on the table.
Tree Trunk
There can never be a better container idea for plants than a tree itself, right?
Bird Cage
This is a great outdoor flower pot idea if you want to combine two or three different flowering varieties and let them fall out of the cage.
Paint Cans
Reuse old tin cans to plant few herbs or support the garden climbers you need handy in the kitchen. You can decorate them using vibrant color spills.
Watering Can
You might have an old watering can that is leaking and thus junk. Plant one or more flowers and let it sit in the living room, or you can hang it onto a curved stand in the garden.
Old Letter Box
This garden planter alternative is already at the perfect position; placed on a height, you can also direct a climber through it along with other flowering plants.
Old Wheel barrow
One of the most clever ideas for garden planters is the wheelbarrow. Besides the look, it can be moved around easily.
Broken Garden Pots
You always have a few broken pots lying in the backyard. Arrange them like fence boxes; on the wall, near the windows, in the porch, or on your terrace.
Discarded Bathtub
For those of your plants that need extra space to thrive, and for those pretty flowers to descend out of the pot and flow over the rim, an old bathtub is just the perfect place to be in.
Coffee Bean Bags
Be generous as you pour soil into the coffee bean bag, and make a cozy home for your little shrubs.