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Types of Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Not every furniture material is suitable for outdoor furniture. If your heart is set on buying wooden outdoor furniture, then you should know which types of wood are suitable for crafting outdoor furniture. This article is focused on the different kinds of wood that are suitable for making outdoor furniture.
Gardenerdy Staff
Most homeowners spend so much time and effort in getting the interiors of a home right, that they overlook decorating the exteriors. From choosing the right exterior paint colors to the right patio furniture, a house's exterior should receive as much attention as the interiors. A house should have curb appeal and should look great when viewed from the outside. So it makes sense that you put some effort into making the exterior of the house look appealing. Outdoor furniture like simple lounge chairs, a bench and a picnic table placed in the garden or patio will not only make your front yard look more attractive but it will also create a great space for entertaining and relaxing. You can put up your feet in a lounge chair, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful view outside.
For creating a relaxed outdoor living space, proper choice of outdoor furniture is essential. You can choose from different materials for your outdoor furniture, ranging from wicker, metal, plastic to wood. Since outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements, wind, dust, humidity and rain, you need to choose a material that is durable and weathers well. Wooden furniture is the most elegant albeit pricey outdoor furniture. But before you choose wood furniture for your patio or garden, you need to know about the best types of wood for outdoor furniture.
Best Wood Types for Outdoor Furniture
Although there are different types of wood, not all kinds of wood is suitable for crafting outdoor furniture. As outdoor furniture is left out in the open and is therefore exposed to rain, humidity and adverse weather conditions, the wood should be weather resistant. Imagine purchasing a piece of expensive patio furniture exquisitely crafted in wood, only to see it rot and decay after a few bouts of rain. To prevent this scenario, we are going to discuss all about the best types of wood for outdoor furniture.
One of the most durable although expensive wood type is teak wood. It is ideal for outdoor furniture as it is decay and rot resistant. Additionally, teak wood is termite and pest resistant. It is a hardwood with a straight grain pattern and is beautiful light honey brown in color. Because of its hardiness and durability, teak is one of the most prized and coveted outdoor furniture materials. Although untreated teak wood furniture tends to turn a dull grayish color when left outside over a period of time, it does not detract from its beauty. If proper maintenance of teak furniture is done by brushing it with teak oil, the color of the furniture will remain as brilliant as new. Teak furniture is very durable in the outdoor settings and will last for over 50 years.
Another great choice for outdoor furniture is redwood. It is a softwood with a straight grain and a subtle light wheat color. It is a durable wood that can last up to 25 years, if maintained periodically by applying a sealant, stain and preserver. It is naturally rot resistant as well as termite resistant. Since it is a soft wood, many intricate designs can be carved out of redwood. It is moisture resistant and is much cheaper than hardwood like teak and mahogany.
If you are looking for an exotic looking outdoor furniture, then you cannot go wrong with jarrah. It is reddish brown hardwood with a fine grain structure. The rich warm tones of this wood are especially suitable for crafting wooden benches and picnic tables. It is termite resistant, rot resistant and also decay resistant. Jarrah does not warp or bend even under extreme humidity or moisture. To keep outdoor furniture made out of jarrah wood looking fresh and new, it should be treated with a special finish every four to six months. Cleaning jarrah wood furniture with a mild detergent and water is sufficient for removing dirt and grime.
White Cedar
White cedar is a softwood that is high in strength and comes in an attractive ash white to light gold color. It is a light weight wood and is resistant to decay, insects and termites. It is also weather resistant and does not warp too much under extreme humidity. Just like redwood, it is a relatively soft wood which makes it ideal for crafting intricate patterns and designs. With age, white cedar outdoor furniture tends to attain a grayish white tinge. But it can be avoided by sealing the furniture with a sealer or applying a good finish.
These were some of the best types of wood for outdoor furniture. Some other types of wood like roble, pine and shorea are also good choices for patio furniture. Wood which have a low shrinkage and low warping quality should be chosen in outdoor furniture. To extend the life of your outdoor wood furniture, regular maintenance is also very important.
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