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Types of Tomato Plants

Types of Tomato Plants

For all you tomato lovers, all about this red and juicy fruit with its never to fade flavors. These facts on the types of tomato plants is just another tangy fill on all about tomatoes.
Dhanashree Patane
For as long as I can remember, there never really has been a whine over tomatoes in the menu. This red and juicy fruit, which has actually conquered the tangy and juicy flavors as a vegetable in all possible cuisines across the global platter, is also a favorite and the most important ingredient in some of the yummiest dishes. Be it vegetables, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more, you never really feel complete without a slice or generous tumbling of tomatoes. Tomatoes are easy to grow, are perennials of the warm season, and are grown annually in most of summer gardens. With the growing popularity among vegetables and the growing demand all over, a lot has been developed in the farming for tomatoes. It is not just a vegetable that has one name, but that which has a number of variants and types, that make them a desired ingredient in different cuisines and foods. With cultivating tomatoes becoming more commercial, there have been a lot of hybrid varieties emerging in the market. The following is a list of the different types of tomatoes, so dive through these natural gardens of plump, so-called 'love apples'!
Different Types of Tomato Plants
For the beginners, this may sound new, but for those in love with tomato gardening, will know that tomatoes are grown in different types and varieties. This gives the tomato the distinct shape, color and size, and determines the harvesting time too. Let us glance through some of the popular varieties in tomato plant types.
Indeterminate Tomato Plants: This is the largest known group of tomato plants. They continue to grow throughout the summer, and will not stop growing unless they are trimmed or are affected by the cold weather. This is known as a more typical class of tomatoes, rather than a typical type of a tomato variety. Most of the varieties of tomatoes will fall under this indeterminate type.
Determinate Tomato Plants: These plants will grow for a limited period of time. They cease growth once the optimum growth is achieved, which is why the name. They are no different as compared to the size and quality of the crop, as compared to indeterminate tomatoes. These plants fall in the category of compact tomato plants, as they have a limited season to bear fruit.
Beefsteak Tomato Plants: These plants produce tomatoes that truly determine the king size in tomatoes. These are red and large enough to cover a whole slice of bread when sliced. They have more flesh and the pulp is compactly concentrated in the center, which makes them ideal to slice and honor you burgers and sandwiches. Some of the best variants of the beefsteak tomato plant are:
             Beefsteak Varieties
St. Pierre Brandywine Great White
Ponderosa Pink Giant Belgium German Green

Dwarf Tomato Plants:
These plants take the minimum of space to grow. You can plant them in a basket, or any small area. These tomatoes are small enough to be grown on a small kitchen window too. These are also known as patio tomato plants, that grow in a short duration and also bear tiny fruit. Some of the best varieties are:
               Dwarf Varieties
Red Robin Patio F Hybrid Yellow Canary
Small Fry Bush Celebrity Tiny Tim

Cherry Tomato Plants :
These plants produce cherry size tomatoes. They are best used as whole in salads and as snacks. These can also give fruits like dwarf size tomato. They bear extremely luscious red fruit and other shades of red too. They come in a variety of types that have sweet and delicious flavor. Some of the best known varieties are:
      Cherry Tomato Varieties
Sungold Black Cherry Yellow Pear
Black Pearl Napa Grape Honeybunch

Paste Tomato Plants:
These plants will bear fruit with minimum seeds, so less juice and lots of flesh. It is also called plum tomato or processing tomato. These plants have the best tomatoes, for canning and making sauces. These plants are cultivated specially to utilize the fruit for sauce and puree purposes. These short plants usually bear fruit in short durations. Some of the best variants for paste tomato plants are:
         Paste Tomato Varieties
Roma Viva Italia Patio Princess
San Marzano Amish Paste Principe Borghese

Salad Tomatoes:
These plants will bear tomatoes that are juicier and also a little tangier. That is the reason why they find their way into the most delicious slices in sandwiches and a quick tossing in salads. They have a good growth and give good produce. They may require to be taken care of with pruning, but the effort sure makes them worth for a delicious and tasty tomato treat. Some best variants in this plant are:
     Salad Tomato Varieties
Sweet Cluster Early Girl Green Zebra
Cherokee Purple Carmello Guernsey Island

With so many varieties in the types of tomato plants, it is tough to choose the best one. Well, all these tomato plants sure have a typical purpose with their size and taste, so one can choose the plant according to the needs. There are more efforts on the way by botanists, who are in pace to create more cross breeds and hybrid types of tomatoes. With this and a lot more, makes this juicy wonder a must-have in your garden vegetable harvest!