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Types of Hammocks

Snehal Motkar Jun 23, 2019
Do you want to have an experience of leaning back in a hammock? Also, do you want to know which hammocks are available in the market that provide extreme comfort and joy? Learn about all this including the different types of hammocks, in this piece.
You should offer yourself an opportunity of lounging in a hammock at least once in life. A hammock, indoor or outdoor, can make you forget your stress, frustration and relax for some time. Apart from relaxation, resting in a hammock can provide several health benefits.
It boosts the immune system, improves metabolism and provides good memory. The slightly elevated position of the head provides the optimal blood circulation to the brain and makes it more active. Some people think that the hammock disturbs your body alignment but, experts are pretty confident in saying that sleeping in it keeps you in a good shape.
Earlier all hammocks were similar, but today, things have changed. They are available in varieties depending on the consumer requirement. The selection of a hammock will depend on various factors like; will it be used indoors or outdoors, who are the primary users (adults, kids, old people, etc.) the cost, and its capacity.

Hammock Types

There are three broad divisions of hammocks, namely rope, string and fabric hammock. All these types have their unique features. Let us look at each type in detail.

Rope Hammock

Whenever people want to buy a hammock, they tend to consider rope hammock as it is the most common type and easily available. They have a traditional and classic look. We'll see its feature according to the given criterion.
Materials Used:
Rope hammocks are made out of three types of ropes namely cotton, nylon and hemp. Cotton, as we all know, is the best material with a lot of benefits. It is comfortable because it is made out of natural fiber.
Nylon and hemp are also used but they lack the comfort level that the cotton rope has. It is also good in its softness, elasticity and can hold a heavy person easily.
Comfort Level:
It has a very high comfortable level for workaholics who want to get out of their daily stress and relax. You might feel that the knots in the hammock may irritate you, and when you wake up, you may be gifted with a permanent rope print on your body.
But, nothing of that sort will happen as the hammock is designed in such a way that it adjusts according to the curves of your body. You should look for one that has smaller holes or small spaces between the knots. Don't fear about falling out of the hammock when you are asleep because it can be tied to 2 fixed objects like trees in case of an outdoor one.
Durability and Maintenance:
These are thought to be the most durables ones. You don't need to buy it frequently. The ones that are made of polyester rope do not get damaged and will stay with you for a very long time. They cost less as compared to other types and do not require much maintenance.

Fabric Hammock

Fabric hammock provides equal comfort as the rope hammock but, it has more stability because it is one large piece of fabric rather than multiple knots of a rope. Here also, we will look at its features according to the given criterion.
Materials Used:
Here again cotton rules. It is the softest material to be used to make a hammock. There are two types, one is Quilted and the other is the Brazilian hammock. Quilted ones are made of a large fabric with the filler inside. It creates a soft bed and you feel comfortable laying yourself on a stable and even surface.
Brazilian ones are thicker than the quilted ones. They are woven into cotton fibers that make a thick pad to rest on.

Comfort Level:
These are basically children friendly hammocks. They are safer than the rope ones, because you don't have to worry about your kids' fingers, feet or any other body part getting stuck into the gaps of the rope hammock.
For adults, it is beneficial in cold weather. Since, it does not have gaps, there is a problem of ventilation. Moreover, if you use it in hot weather, you will sweat even more. They do not have the separating bars on the edges, so it wraps your body confirming your safety.
Durability and Maintenance:
Quilted hammocks are more durable than the Brazilian ones. The weave of fabric design is closed one which stays unaffected by the rough use. Synthetic fabric does not absorb water, rather wicks it away.

String or Mayan Hammock

The Mayan culture has the tradition of making Mayan hammocks and it has been passed on from generation to generation. The American Medical Journal has reported it to be one of the most comfortable hammocks. They are unique in their use of colorful strings to match with your mood. Let us try to look at its features through our criterion.
Materials Used:
These hammocks are made by weaving thin cotton or nylon strings into each other. Though the strings are thin, they can hold a lot of weight. As these are handmade ones, the sizes that are available are always approximate.
Comfort Level:
It has the unmatched comfortable level among all the other types. Once you position yourself in this type of hammock, you won't feel like lying in any other one. The cotton strings give the soft feel and relaxation to body. The bright colors brighten up your mood and make you feel refreshed. They are perfect for sunny outdoors.
Durability and Maintenance:
They are made out of cotton and nylon, so are durable. They can best be used for outdoor activities as they are light and easy to carry.
These are the major hammocks types described in detail, but there are many other types or patterns of hammocks, which are listed for you:
  • Hammock Chairs
  • Camping Hammocks
  • Beach Hammocks
  • Garden Hammocks
  • Hanging Hammocks
The given information has made an attempt to offer you a scope to choose the best hammock from such a wide variety. Get one of it and let yourself experience the extraordinary amount of pleasure that it gives you.