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Different Types of Garden Fencing

Nicks J Oct 9, 2018
A garden looks complete when complemented with a protective fence. There are different types of garden fencing that play an important role in increasing the aesthetic beauty of a garden.
A beautiful garden fence can enhance the look of your garden. Besides providing an pleasant look to the garden, a garden fence also allows homeowners to retain their privacy. There are many types of gardening fences that can complement your garden. Here are some popular options for garden fencing.

Wrought Iron Garden Fencing

Wrought iron fencing will provide a great decorative visual appeal to your garden. When it comes to appearance, they are simply classic as they come with beautiful scrolled designs.
These fences are sometimes referred as ornamental fences because the black iron is shaped into wonderful ornate patterns. The tops of the wrought iron fencing may be pointed, rounded or the metal may be cut into some other shape. These fences do a great job of protecting your garden from trespassers.
Although wrought iron fencing needs less maintenance, it is advised to regularly check the fence to ensure that the paint protection has not come out. Wrought iron garden fencing should be kept in good condition to prevent rust. The main drawback of the fencing is that they are quite expensive, hence installing them can drill a deep hole in your pocket.

Wooden Garden Fencing

This is the most preferred type of fencing as wooden fences are reasonably priced. This traditional variety of fencing comes in pre-construction panel or picket form.
These fences can impart an added advantage of vision screening and at the same prevent intruders from accessing your garden. However, you will have to spend some money on their maintenance so that they last for quite some time. Generally wooden garden fences are painted annually to protect them from insects and rot.

Bamboo Garden Fencing

Bamboo fencing is commonly used for fencing the garden. Bamboo fences are a popular choice among homeowners because they are not difficult to maintain.
One big advantage of bamboo fencing is its cost. They are inexpensive, lightweight and are an artistic addition to your garden. They are also very easy to install and handle. It is essential to build this fence firmly as bamboo is well-known for its less solid nature.

Vinyl Garden Fencing

Installing vinyl garden fences can impart a stylish look to your garden. An important benefit of vinyl fencing is its low-cost of sustenance.
You can wash the fence with a soap water at regular intervals to keep them in good condition. They are resistant to damages caused by domestic animals and climate. A mixture of reconstituted wood and plastic is used for making vinyl fence.

Dry Stone Walls Garden Fencing

Give an authentic look to your garden by using this type of garden fencing. But ensure that your garden is big and spacious as large-sized rocks are required to install dry stone walls fencing.
If you are very concerned about the security of your garden then dry stone walls is the best option. They are strong and sturdy and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Aluminum Garden Fencing

This type of garden fencing consists of horizontal rails and upright pickets. Aluminum fences are powder coated and come in a variety of colors.
Some designs of aluminum garden fencing available in the market, feature a smooth top rail while others are constructed with vertical pickets.
Gardening fencing is a wonderful way to decorate and protect your garden. So, if you are looking to secure your garden premises, choose from any of these that best suits your needs.