Meanings of the Different Colors of Tulips You Weren't Aware Of

Tulips Meaning
The tulips are amongst the most attractive flowers on earth. They are known for their vibrant colors and simplicity. Different colors of these blooms represent different qualities and ideas. Here are the meanings associated with different tulip shades.
Did you know that the name, tulip comes from tulipa or turban (also taliban) worn by people in the Middle East? Tulip is the national flower of Turkey & Iran and the floral emblem of Netherlands. The peculiar shape and colors of tulip make it one of the most loved flowers on earth. Just a glimpse of these flowers, and a feeling of comfort and coziness engulfs the mind. Tulips bloom in the beginning of spring season; amongst the first blooms of the season along with daffodils and other flowers, tulips also symbolize a new beginning.

What Do Tulips Symbolize?

Red TulipWhite TulipPurple Tulip

Red: The red tulips are used to express love. Red tulips stand for belief in love; therefore, true love is associated with these tulips.

The Legend of Shirin and Farhad: A Turkish prince, Farhad was in love with a maiden named Shirin. Shirin's death left Farhad in grief and despair and he jumped off a cliff. From the drops of Farhad's blood emerged the red tulips; therefore, these tulips symbolize selfless love.

White: Qualities like purity, innocence and humility are associated with white tulips. The attribute of forgiveness is also associated with the white color. Remembrance and respect is exhibited through white tulips; however, tulip flowers can also be used for funeral ceremonies. A garden with white tulips symbolizes heaven on earth. Blue tulips are variants of the white ones. They represent peace and tranquility. You may gift blue tulips to display your trust in a person.

The Aries Tulip Connection: Simplicity of tulips and their inherent charm are symbolic of the Aries personality. Aries are known for their confidence, enthusiasm, love for bold gestures and passion, and all these personality traits are very well reflected in the tulips.

Purple: The purple tulips are known for the quality of royalty. Reference to the purple color being associated with nobility can be found in 'Hamlet', a play written by William Shakespeare. Purple tulips found in Ukrainian artworks are associated with rebirth and spring.

Orange TulipYellow TulipPink Tulip

Orange: The orange tulips represent happiness. This color is also used in reference with the mutual understanding between a couple. Warmth, fascination, energy, desire, enthusiasm are some of the qualities that the orange tulips represent.

Importance in Turkish Culture: The tulip was considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance during the period of Ottoman Empire. The period of Sultan Ahmed III's rule was known as the 'Tulip Era'.

Yellow: Yellow tulips are mostly associated with friendship, but other meanings of these tulips also exist. People tend to derive both, positive and negative meanings from the yellow shade. The yellow color represents sunshine. Therefore, it is used in reference with a person having a radiant smile. At the same time, these tulips also symbolize rejection in love.

Easter: The occasion of Easter marks the completion of cycle of growth and the beginning of happiness after the testing times of winter. Since tulip blooms are observed in this season, they are closely associated with festivities of Easter.

Pink: Pink tulips are used to present the idea of perfect happiness. These flowers are used for offering best wishes. Pink and red tulips have somewhat similar meaning. Tulips are also used to display care and attachment.

Tulip Flower Tattoos
Tulip Tattoo 6Tulip Tattoo 5Tulip Tattoo 7Tulip Tattoo 3

Every color of the tulip is associated with some or the other quality. With the availability of so many shades of tulips, there is great choice when it comes to selection of a tattoo design and color. These days, 3D tattoos are in vogue. In women tattooing on cheeks, shoulders, neck, back and feet is common. Flowers tattoos are considered feminine, mainly for their delicate design, and therefore such tattoos are mostly used by women. However, don't be surprised if you find a boy sporting flower tattoos. Arms and neck are the body places for tattooing in men.

There are many shades of tulips, other than those mentioned above. For example, the variegated tulips speak about beautiful eyes. Cream colored ones are used to express commitment. Tulips are amongst the most beautiful flowers on Earth. Knowing the meaning associated with different colors of tulips should give us a new understanding about them.